Direct Marketing

Clients are always impressed with the ROI they get from our Direct Marketing campaigns. One client snagged P6 million in sales from an investment of P70 thousand for one DM campaign we managed for them. The reason for our high rate of success is the 98% integrity of our database at any given time, which contains contact details of key decision-makers such as CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and managers of thousands of Philippine companies. This database is backed-up by a trained staff of telemarketers that interact with customers in a way that extends the brand experience.

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  1. Hi,

    My company is coming up with a new product in the market and we’re hoping to get a marketing firm to develop our brand/possible strategies.

    Please get in touch with me at my numbers below.



  2. Hello,
    I am Edward Sinco and I am very much interested in your offering,most specially for our new product to hit the stores the coming month.
    Here’s my number: 09065053199
    Thank You!Blessings!

  3. Hi May I know your company’s email and who can I contact for direct marketing service.

    Thank you

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