Doing social media in PH right

Beyond campaign conceptualization, artwork design, choosing influencers, and plotting content buckets, deciding the social media platform to use for a campaign is equally important in ensuring social media campaign success.

The social media landscape of the Philippines — the world’s social media capital and selfie nation – is characterized by three platforms that consumers frequently use for browsing, sharing and engaging. Knowing the uses and features of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram — the country’s ‘three social media platform kings’ – will go a long way in helping optimize social media campaigns.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right social media platform, whether you want to improve your existing campaign or thinking of rolling out one but still uncertain as to which platform to leverage.

Doing social media in PH right
Doing social media in PH right

Get started with Facebook

With more than 1.9 billion active users worldwide, Facebook remains a force to be reckoned with in the social media ecosystem. We Are Social’s digital study, “Digital in 2017,” reveals that the Philippines has at least 60 million active monthly Facebook users as at January 2017, making Facebook the country’s most active social media platform.

What does this mean for your business?

With 1.9 billion global users, Facebook is clearly the best social media platform for creating a buzz, establishing brand, product and campaign awareness, and building brand interest, especially among users in the 18 to 44 age range.  Facebook’s targeting methodologies come second to none, given its consumer data analytics.  You can directly show content to your target audience based on demographics such as age, place, and gender or common interest.

Here are some Facebook tricks that you can use for your social media campaign:

  • Don’t settle with still visuals. Explore rich media such as GIFs, slideshows, Facebook Canvas, and videos to boost page engagement.
  • Utilize Facebook’s post-boost capability. Depending on your goal, post-boosting helps increase engagement rate and page-like growth rate, which then boosts brand awareness.
  • Play around with Facebook’s targeting capabilities. Define your target audience’s behaviors and interests in line with your campaign objectives.
  • Broadcasting live is very much in. Make the most of Facebook Live!

Get viral through Twitter

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform. It offers a real-time virality measure through a hashtag, making it the best platform for on-ground marketing activities and promoting concerts, events and any social gathering.

Use a hashtag to promote your campaign and event. Hashtags are a really great way to whip up a viral storm: AlDub catapulted to international fame through a hashtag and  #KwentongJollibeeValentinesDaySeries and Uber’s #PoolSquad became instant viral hits using the same method. Local noontime shows such as “Eat Bulaga” and ”It’s Showtime” compete in a daily Twitter hashtag war to boost audience engagement.  You can do the same for your campaigns.

Here are some Twitter tricks that might be useful:

  • Use Website Card to increase web traffic, generate leads and drive call-to-action.
  • Use Conversion Tracking to see what your followers do after seeing your ads.
  • Increase app download and engagement with Twitter’s App Card.
  • Promote Tweets to increase virality and engagement.
  • Say ”Thank you” to your followers by retweeting their tweets.
  • Watch out for trending hashtags. Then, engage.
  • Don’t limit yourself to words. Diversify your content by exploring rich media such as still visuals, GIFs and short video clips.
  • The 140-character limit is not a barrier. Twitter is the best way to demonstrate your wit. Be concise, on-point and, above all, witty.
  • Boost page engagement by launching a Twitter party. Set a hashtag and have your followers ask questions. Twitter’s Periscope for a Twitter party is an ‘in’.
  • Run a Twitter poll. It’s an engaging way to gain insights from followers.
  • Of course, don’t forget your hashtag.

Engage influencers with IG

Instagram holds 600 million unique monthly users worldwide, the bulk of which are female and 90 percent are below 35 years old. Even better: 53 percent of IG users follow brands.

What do you see on Instagram? You’ll see fashion, food, vacation and #atm (at the moment) gimmicks. Name it, IG has it.

Who do you see on Instagram? You’ll see A-list Hollywood celebs, models, athletes, politicians, influencers, and artists, to name a few.

The strength of Instagram is underpinned by two things: human and influence. Instagram has evolved to become the lair of influencers. People, millennials in particular, use Instagram to check the latest from the influencers they follow. Instagram is where people check or validate their next summer destination, holiday trip, food trip, or the latest apparels, gadgets and many more.

One  cannot underestimate the power of influence. Instagram is not, and will never be, an underrated social media platform, particularly for brands that have done so well in this platform.

Here are some Instagram tricks:

  • Diversify your content by exploring rich media such as still visuals, GIFs and short video clips.
  • Tap a digital influencer who has a solid following.
  • Have your influencers take over your Instagram account for hours or a day. This can definitely drive page engagement.
  • Fashion show? Product launch? Use Instagram Live to give your followers a sneak peek of both on-the-scene and behind-the-scene moments.
  • Don’t forget your hashtag. Hashtags are not exclusive to Twitter, after all.

The power of cross-posting

Your campaign need not run on only one platform.

While different social media platforms serve varied purposes, their features pretty much work the same way. IG Live, Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, for instance, are tools you can use to live stream your on-ground activities. All these platforms also enable you to promote your content, albeit with varying targeting methodologies. Hashtags, which work best on Twitter, can also be used on IG and Facebook.

The Philippines holds quite a substantial social media ecosystem. Do not limit your campaign to a single platform; optimize all available means to drive your campaign. After all, your target audience is possibly present on all  social media platforms.

Hit three birds with one stone using the following tips:

  • Start your campaign by establishing awareness through a short video teaser or still visual on all three platforms.
  • Amplify your campaign by tapping a digital influencer who has a solid following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you plan to end your campaign with an on-ground activity such as a concert or fun run, utilize your influencer to generate invites for your campaign’s culmination activity.
  • Finally, boost your virality by asking event attendees to use your campaign’s hashtag on Twitter, IG or Facebook during the event.

Knowing the uses and functions of these three leading social media platforms will allow you to differentiate your social media pages from competitors. Always refer to your campaign objectives, which can guide you in crafting compelling social media campaigns with the right platforms.

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