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Public Relations is still and will always be about relationships.

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Integrated PR Communications

ArdentComm is now 18 years old. We continue to meet clients’ communication needs with Public Relations. We combine over 60 years of staff experience in Public Relations.

We recognize that technology offers many channels for influencing audiences. But it does not provide the discernment needed to choose the ones that matter. Neither does technology create the message that turns audiences into loyal customers. This is why clients like us.

We help you craft the right message, on the right platform, and connect with the right audience. The bell and whistles of technology should not distract from your key message. It is always the main attraction.

Ardent Communications provides the expertise to raise any organization’s visibility within its industry.

How we do it.

We focus your resources where it brings the most benefits.

We know that there are Public Relations problems that can’t be solved by one tool only. You have to throw more than one ingredient into the mix for full effect.

As an agency with Public Relations as its heart, we are first of all strategic, creative second.

Your objectives dictate our strategy. Your audience demands our creativity.  We meet your Public Relations requirement through one or the integration of several services. We give you the flexibility to focus or refocus your resources where it will bring you the most benefits through any one, several or all of the following services in our practice areas.

Why ArdentComm?

To get value for money. Have you ever tried coordinating with different agencies for advertising, PR, events, and direct marketing all at the same time? How much did it cost you in time, money and effort? We offer you expertise in all of your marketing communications requirements. You maximize your budget because you talk to one shop and get more cost-effective services.

To create and communicate the need. We help make your key audience realize and understand their need for your product and services.

To better manage the numbers. If it is not measurable then it is not achievable. Measurement is the barometer of success. With the proper metrics, we can track the progress of our campaigns. Metrics make a dynamic and proactive program that is able to adapt to the fickleness of the marketplace.

Affiliations: Text100, Brodeur Worldwide, Porter Novelli, United Print Media Group

We address clients’ communication needs using Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing Promotions, Media Relations, Event Management, and Direct Marketing. At Ardent Communications, we don’t market. We communicate!

Our Clients

Our practice comes from over 40 years of combined management experience in Advertising, PR and Development Communications.

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