Ana Pista — Managing Director

Ana has been at the helm of Ardent Comm since she founded it in 1997. Her entrepreneurial skill and go-go attitude keep us passionate about PR. This can-do spirit is seen in our full range of services to meet every communication challenges of your company.


Eman Tongobanua — Communications Director

Eman creates strategies that bring meat to the framework of our campaigns. He wires the connection between planning and execution, tactics and strategies. He also brings cohesion to Ardent’s very enterprising Digital Team.


Jasmin Cagsawa — Accounts Director

Jasmin runs the Accounts Team like clockwork. She just finds ways. Like helping account executives deliver and deliver on time. She sets expectations for the team and teaches how to exceed them. Jasmin’s team of AEs is always on target with their tactics. You’ll know that you can trust us to do what we say after working with Jas.


Mark Mallo – Business Development Manager

Mark is often the first person that clients meet from Ardent. He relays the needs of the client to our team so that we can make a solution that sticks Mark works with the Creative, PR and Events Teams. What ever your needs he will put it together. He is your eyes and ears to help keep us on target.


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  1. Joairra Hernandez

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    Good day, I am writing this email to inquire if your PR firm is open for internship?. I am a 4th broadcast journalism student who is interested in joining your team. Thank you so much for your kind reply.

  2. Good day, I would like to express my interest in joining your team. Is there an email address I could send my application to? Thank you.

    1. Hi Cheney. It’s best to just email your CV first. As a walk in, the farthest you can get in is the reception area where you will have to submit your resume and come back again for tests and interview. That is if we decide to call you.

  3. Hello! I would like to express my interest to join your team. May I know to whom and where can I send my resume? Thank you!

  4. Hi Ardent! I would like to pitch our product to be one of your giveaways on your events and projects. May I know where can I send our proposal? Thank you!

      1. Hi Eman! Our product is an outdoor safety box, designed to hold valuables such as phones and wallets during vacations.

        Please do check out our explainer video at:

        We can also print your desired logo or message on the product.
        I believe that with the product’s portability, efficiency and usefulness, it is viable to be given away on your events or as gifts to your media partners.

        You can also check us out at:

        Thank you!

  5. To whom it may concern,

    It is our honour to invite to you to sponsor the future endeavours and projects of Public Relations Student Society of the Philippines (PRSSP), an organization from the University of the Philippines-Manila. We believe that this partnership will prove to be beneficial for your corporation as it will directly connect with some of the future PR practitioners from this organization.

    The Public Relations Student Society of the Philippines (PRSSP) is the first and only public relations organization founded in the University of the Philippines. It was established for the expressed purpose of encouraging and promoting the understanding of the theory, practice, and techniques of public relations among students of the university. It intends to provide students of public relations with the opportunities to become acquainted not only with their peers but also with public relations practitioners. Finally, it aims to instill professional attitude and adherance to the highest ideals and principles of the practice of public relations.

    Our plans and projects certainly cannot be accomplished without the support of our sponsors and we would greatly appreciate any type of support and/or funding that you and your company would be able to offer our organization.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me or the organization through email ( or Facebook ( if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Bettina Cecilia L. Lamarca
    University of the Philippines-Manila
    BA Organizational Communication, ​Second Year
    ​Member, PRSSP Sponsorship Committee​

  6. Mikaella Patricia Regalado

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    Good day! I would like to express my enthusiasm on what you do and to join your team. Is there any email address I could send my CV for internships?

  7. Hello,

    We are a real estate brokerage firm and are engaging in a new high rise development in Makati City and are tasked to handle the overall Sales & Marketing. However, we would rather focus purely on the sales aspect and recommend an advertising / creatives company instead so we are currently looking around for marketing companies.

    Have you done, or currently engaged with a real estate comapany? What services are these? Can you do Brochure/flyer conceptualization and production, Website, Social media, etc.

    Please contact me at


    Karl Reyes

  8. Hi! I’m interested in knowing more about your company’s credentials in tech industry as my company is currently looking to hire a local PR agency in Philippine. Can somebody get in touch with me or share the contact info? Thank you!

  9. Good day Ardent Comm. Can I ask if this company still accepts interns for summer semester? Thanks a lot for your immediate response. :)

  10. Marc Reiman Ebreo

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    Hi! I would like to know to whom can I possibly send my resume for an opportunity to be part of Digital Marketing or Event Management group of Ardent Communication? I’d really appreciate your kind response to this. Thank you very much.

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