Ana Pista — Managing Director

Ana has been at the helm of Ardent Comm since she founded it in 1997. Her entrepreneurial skill and go-go attitude keep us passionate about PR. This can-do spirit is seen in our full range of services to meet every communication challenges of your company.


Eman Tongobanua — Communications Director

Eman creates strategies that bring meat to the framework of our campaigns. He wires the connection between planning and execution, tactics and strategies. He also brings cohesion to Ardent’s very enterprising Digital Team.


Jasmin Cagsawa — Accounts Director

Jasmin runs the Accounts Team like clockwork. She just finds ways. Like helping account executives deliver and deliver on time. She sets expectations for the team and teaches how to exceed them. Jasmin’s team of AEs is always on target with their tactics. You’ll know that you can trust us to do what we say after working with Jas.


Mark Mallo – Business Development Manager

Mark is often the first person that clients meet from Ardent. He relays the needs of the client to our team so that we can make a solution that sticks Mark works with the Creative, PR and Events Teams. What ever your needs he will put it together. He is your eyes and ears to help keep us on target.


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  1. good evening,

    i wanted to inquire if you have job openings for fresh graduates in your company please let me know

  2. Christian Aries Jason Palad

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    Hi! I would like to ask if there are any positions still available in your company and have the privilege to join your amazing team? I would love to hear back from you. Thanks!

  3. Marc Reiman Ebreo

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    Hi! I would like to know to whom can I possibly send my resume for an opportunity to be part of Digital Marketing or Event Management group of Ardent Communication? I’d really appreciate your kind response to this. Thank you very much.

  4. Good day Ardent Comm. Can I ask if this company still accepts interns for summer semester? Thanks a lot for your immediate response. 🙂

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