Wanted: Events Manager

Events Manager AdWe are looking for an events manager. Male or female, doesn’t matter. This person should be able to step back and see the big picture while at the same time not getting lost in the details. Our events manager has a high tolerance for stress but does not compromise on quality. People skills are a must. You will be selling ideas before management and you will be working with artists and craftsmen of various temperaments. We are not looking for slave drivers. We want leaders. We want someone who works well with a team but able to make things happen on his or her own. Resourcefulness must be limitless because budgets are often limited. Kindness is a plus, but fierce in meeting goals. This person must be creative but safety-conscious at all times. He or she can communicate clearly on paper or in person. No school has a monopoly on intelligence so any university will do. A fair amount of experience would be nice. Are you this person? Then contact us, pronto. Just Google ‘Philippines leading PR agencies’ and click our website.

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  1. Good day! I am a BS Psychology student from UP Diliman and I will be graduating at the end of the month (28 June). I would like to apply for the Events Manager position. Is the position still available? Thank you!

  2. Hello! I am interested in being an events manager of you company. How can I apply for this position? Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Sir Eman, I am interested to apply in the said position. I have sent my CV via email. I would just like to know if tehere are any other additional reqquirements and references you may need in processing the application? You may reach me thru this no.09357930539. Thank you.

  4. Good afternoon,

    I John King Amulong, I was just wondering if your company is still accepting applicants for this position. If so, I would be really interested in applying for the position.

    Although at this endeavor I’m in a bit of a disadvantage, as to I do not know how to contact your HR department.

    I would really appreciate it if you can advise me in this matter.

    Cheers and many thanks,

    King Amulong

  5. Good day!

    Is the position still available? I would really like to apply.

    Thank you so much and have great days ahead

    1. Hi, Cess. We don’t have work on weekends but you are welcome to send your resume. Be sure to highlight what you do well in the area of marketing, PR and communications. A portfolio is not required but would be nice.

  6. Hi! I’m about to graduate this April 2016 and I have a fir amount of experience when it comes to event management and I would like to apply for this position if it is still available, I’m a Public Relations major. Hope to hear from you soon!

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