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We’re all about breaking the mold. And we’re looking for same-minded people. If you’re full of ideas, unafraid to innovate, driven and a team-player then you’re invited to join the party. Show us what you can do. Impress us with your resume.

Senior Writer

Quick. Apply with us now if you have at least three years of experience writing professionally.  We are in the PR business so you will be dealing mostly with press releases.  While PRs are a staple, the subjects you will cover are far and wide. Some of the topics you will deal with are smartphone, tablets, PCs, cars, apps and energy. You must have a feel for technology, an eye for detail and a nose for news. If you are a writer because you have an innate fear of people then pass this up. We will send you out there. Alone. Surrounded by humans. You will do your interviews in posh offices, in a swanky restaurant, inside a shanty, on a hillside or beside the sea. Deadlines are always lurking around. We need you to write crisp, clear and punchy stories. A background in journalism will save us both tears. Poets and novelists, we throw out the window. We are on the 4th floor.  This is a fulltime job.

event specialist

We are looking for an events specialist. Male or female, doesn’t matter. This person should be able to step back and see the big picture while at the same time not getting lost in the details.  Our events manager has a high tolerance for stress but does not compromise on quality. People skills are a must. You will be selling ideas before management and you will be working with artists and craftsmen of various temperaments. We are not looking for slave drivers. We want leaders. We want someone who works well with a team but able to make things happen on his or her own. Resourcefulness must be limitless because budgets are often limited. Kindness is a plus, but fierce in meeting goals. This person must be creative but safety-conscious at all times.  He or she can communicate clearly on paper or in person. No school has a monopoly on intelligence so any university will do. A fair amount of experience would be nice. Are you this person? Then contact us, pronto.   

PR account executive

The Account Executive’s main goal is to gain positive publicity for clients. It is expected for the AE to Plan and direct public relations programs designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for employer or client through merchandise placement, news items, and events. An Account Executive is judged on how well they can uphold and advance the profile of their client.


  • Meeting and corresponding with clients on a daily basis
  • Building a contact list of clients and media organizations
  • Keeping up to date with media, including newspapers and the internet
  • Researching, writing, editing, proofreading, and dispensing press releases to media contacts
  • Monitoring clients image and any crisis situations
  • Giving presentations to potential and existing clients
  • Promoting client events to the media, such as press conferences
  • Helping with the production of client publications
  • Maintaining and advancing a client’s image

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