Wanted: Senior Writer

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James Hardie gives free carpentry training for NHA housing residents

Carpenters learn how to install HardieFlex® sheets on wooden and steel frames.
Participants of the HardieFlex® carpentry workshop learn how to properly install HardieFlex® sheets on wooden and steel frames.


JULY 27, 2015. MANILA, PHILIPPINES: In addition to homes, residents of housing projects under the National Housing Authority (NHA), will also have skills that can put food on the table through a series of free livelihood skills training for basic carpentry from James Hardie Philippines.

Attendees will learn the proper installation of HardieFlex® sheets on steel and wooden frames, correct spacings and right way of cutting and jointing the sheets. Using accessories such as HardieDrive® Screws and HardieFlex Putty, participants will learn how to obtain the best results for their work.

The partnership between NHA and James Hardie advocates improving the livelihood of homeowners with basic carpentry skills which will help them improve their skills and even secure a job.

NHA Livelihood Chief B for Southville 3 Housing Project (Muntinlupa) Evangeline Javier was pleased to see the first batch of carpenters actively participating in the workshops. “These workshops can be very helpful to the carpenters, because we are aiming to form a guild of carpenters from the participants. We will have a database of carpenters whom we can commission for our ongoing and future housing projects,” she said. Javier added that the NHA may endorse those who show outstanding skills during the workshops to the construction companies and developers of the institution.

“Our decision to partner with the National Housing Authority echoes our mission to bring forth quality living using fiber cement technology that is, HardieFlex®. As the construction industry starts to evolve by utilizing quality building products, those who learn how to properly install HardieFlex® will have an edge when applying for a construction job,” said James Hardie Philippines Country Manager Mark Sergio.

Carpenters finish their HardieFlex workshop
The carpenters who completed the workshop received a Certificate of Participation signed by both NHA and James Hardie.


Workshops were already conducted in Cavite and Rizal. More of these will be conducted at select NHA housing projects for the rest of the year.

Sa tagal ko nang nagkakarpentero, palagi kong ginagamit ang HardieFlex®. Pero ngayon ko lang nalaman na may mga special HardieFlex® accessories palang ginagamit para mas mapatibay ito,” (I’ve always used HardieFlex® products in my projects but I didn’t know that there are specific HardieFlex® accessories that we should use with the HardieFlex® fiber cement board to make it last longer) said Rikki Bantang, 47.

James Hardie is a highly-respected innovator and market leader in the industry of fiber cement technology and the maker of HardieFlex®, an impact, fire, moisture damage and termite-resistant and asbestos-free fiber cement board. The skilled people at the James Hardie plant in Cabuyao, Laguna have designed HardieFlex® to withstand the Philippine climate making HardieFlex® the most trusted brand by architects.


Help provide school equipment to high-need public senior high schools through Caltex Fuel Your School drive

Selfies to promote Caltex Fuel Your School in social media
Help public senior high schools students and teachers get quality equipment by promoting Caltex Fuel Your School in social media.


Manila, Philippines. June 22, 2015 – From June 15 to July 15, motorists can help produce the country’s future scientists, programmers, engineers and math wizards by fueling up in participating Caltex stations to fund Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects of senior public high school teachers and their students in Metro Manila.

In the fundraising drive called Caltex Fuel Your School (CFYS), Caltex will donate P1 for every 4-liter fuel purchase to provide teachers from the highest-need public schools in Metro Manila with tools they requested like multimedia projectors, laptops, lab sets and other devices to effectively teach STEM subjects which are critical learning areas for incoming grades 11 and 12.

Photo above shows staff at Ardent doing their part to promote CFYS by posting selfies and sharing online to their Facebook friends.

CFYS is part of Caltex Energy for Learning Initiative, which supports educational programs that help individuals acquire knowledge and gain new skills. CYFS is supported by the Department of Education and the American Chamber Foundation as partners.

Wanted: Events Manager

Events Manager AdWe are looking for an events manager. Male or female, doesn’t matter. This person should be able to step back and see the big picture while at the same time not getting lost in the details. Our events manager has a high tolerance for stress but does not compromise on quality. People skills are a must. You will be selling ideas before management and you will be working with artists and craftsmen of various temperaments. We are not looking for slave drivers. We want leaders. We want someone who works well with a team but able to make things happen on his or her own. Resourcefulness must be limitless because budgets are often limited. Kindness is a plus, but fierce in meeting goals. This person must be creative but safety-conscious at all times. He or she can communicate clearly on paper or in person. No school has a monopoly on intelligence so any university will do. A fair amount of experience would be nice. Are you this person? Then contact us, pronto. Just Google ‘Philippines leading PR agencies’ and click our website.

Help public high school learning in just 3 easy steps with Caltex Fuel Your School

Step 1: Fuel up in participating Caltex station. Step 2: Caltex will donate P1 for every four-liter fuel purchase. Step 3: Tell your friends about Caltex Fuel Your School.


Manila, Philippines, May 29, 2015 – Experience is the best teacher. So public school teachers go to the extent of spending even their own money to conduct experiments and projects that bring to life Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) lessons for the sake of their students.

Come June 15 to July 15, 2015, the community and motoring public can help these educators obtain learning-by-doing projects for their students through the recently launched Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) program.

“During this time, we will donate one peso (P1) for every 4-liter fuel purchase made by motorists at participating Caltex stations in Metro Manila. We aim to hit P5 million in this campaign month. The donation will then be turned over to our project partner American Chamber Foundation of the Philippines (ACFP) that is tasked to qualify submitted project proposals as well as the purchase of qualified STEM classroom projects,” announced Peter Morris, country chairman of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI).

The Department of Education (DepEd) of the Philippines as FYS project partner shortlisted the 33 highest-need public senior high schools in Metro Manila as beneficiaries qualified to receive a maximum of P150,000 per school in STEM classroom materials.

FYS comes just in time to fortify the STEM subject aptitudes of incoming Grades 11 and 12 in 2016 for public schools as set in the K-12 program of DepEd. FYS project partners estimate that at least 700 teachers and 9,000 students from the senior-ready public schools will benefit from the FYS program.

Driving FYS through Social Media

Aside from supporting the program via fueling at Caltex, the FYS partners also invite the public to help the schools by viewing and liking their favorite schools’ qualified projects as posted on the Caltex Philippines Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CaltexPhilippines or via www.caltexfuelyourschoolph.com . The FYS leaderboard in the website will be regularly updated to reflect ranking of the projects that generated the most to least likes. Projects will be funded in the order of their July 15 leaderboard rank. The top three projects with the most number of fan likes at the end of the FYS campaign will each receive an additional brand new laptop as bonus prize.

The program also encourages social media users to help the schools get their STEM wish list by promoting their projects online. Chevron, for instance, has an ongoing FYS awareness volunteer campaign among its employees, retailers and other business partners by urging them to create selfies and groupies using FYS props and posting them as their Facebook profile photos during the FYS campaign period and sending the FYS PH link so their own FB friends can also vote.

“It has been one of my dreams to see my students in a well-equipped laboratory room where they conduct experiments, manipulate the microscopes and discuss their findings. I’m just so glad this can become a reality through Caltex Fuel Your School,” said Cecilia Santiago, science teacher from M. Araullo High School in Manila.

Caltex Fuel Your School is part of Chevron’s Energy for Learning Initiative, which supports educational programs that create opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, gain new skills and be exposed to different ways of thinking.

For more information about Caltex Fuel Your School, visit http://www.caltex.com/ph/fuelyourschool or contact the FYS hotline at 399-2505. Vote and help promote a FYS classroom project via Caltex Philippines Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CaltexPhilippines.