Caltex Fuel Your School Empowers Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning in Davao City


Caltex CSRs ready for Fuel Your School Davao
Catex staff jumpstart Caltex Fuel Your School in Davao: Customer service representatives of Caltex stations in Davao City all ready to promote Caltex FYS for the benefit of Davaoeño students.


Davao City, Philippines, May 25, 2016 – Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants, today announces that it will make a significant investment in Davao City’s workforce of tomorrow or today’s students from public senior high schools. CPI also encouraged other businesses to do so all over the country.

This was revealed by CPI Country Chairman Peter Morris during the launch of Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) in a Caltex station in Brgy. Bajada, Davao City.  “From June 1 to June 30, 2016, for every 1-liter purchase of Caltex with Techron or sale of Delo Sports diesel engine oil at participating Caltex stations in Davao City, we will donate one peso (P1) to support qualified classroom projects in STEM subjects,” announced Morris.

CPI is allocating P3 million for the purchase of better classroom facilities and advanced learning materials for students in Davao City’s highest-need senior public highs schools taking the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) track of the K-12 education. The fuel-to-donate campaign is well timed, given the entry this year of the country’s first Grade 11 public school students.

The multi-awarded Caltex FYS PH is launched in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and  the American Chamber Foundation Philippines (ACFP) with the support of  American Chambers of the Philippines-Mindanao Chapter. The partners hope to boost to improve learning by equipping less privileged public senior high schools with quality learning materials.

The DepEd Region XI office has selected the highest-need public senior high schools in the city to participate in the campaign. ACFP will screen the proposed projects based on a set of criteria (to know more about the criteria, visit Caltex Facebook page), with the resulting shortlisted schools’ projects to be posted on the Caltex FYS Facebook page for voting. Each qualified entry can receive up to a maximum of P100,000 worth of classroom materials, wherein projects with the most number of votes get funded first. ACFP will use the P3 million grant to procure equipment for the qualified STEM classroom projects.

“Caltex Fuel Your School’s vision is not just to modernize education in the Philippines, but also to empower the teachers and equip the students with high quality and advanced learning, making them career-ready as they step out of school. By involving different partners such as educators, Caltex retailers and lubricant accounts as well as  Davao motorists, Caltex Fuel Your School models the idea of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’,” stated Morris.

“We are issuing a call-to-action to other businesses to join Chevron in supporting project-based learning methods to increase engagement in STEM and promote engineering design thinking in classrooms. We must increase student engagement in STEM subjects. This is not a small challenge, and the business community has to do its part. If we want to truly make a difference, we must all work together to provide educators with resources to interest students and prepare them for STEM related careers,” said Atty. Raissa Bautista, CPI Manager for Policy, Gov’t and Public Affairs.

AmCham Philippines-Mindanao Chapter is grateful for the partnership with Chevron in helping uplift Philippine education. Ed Feist, ACFP President, believes that “education is what the country needs to further propel its progress, and modernizing the education system is a significant step towards achieving it.”

DepEd XI Regional Director Alberto Escobarte sees Caltex Fuel Your School initiative as a welcome development to the continuous upliftment of education in Davao City. “This will surely help fuel up the learning process in Davao City as it maintains its title as the education hub in Mindanao,” Escobarte said.

“We are thankful and happy that Caltex retailers here in Davao City are given the opportunity to work as one. This initiative is our way of giving back to Davao City schools particularly at this time when senior high school will be implemented for the first time and public schools need all the help they could get to successfully teach STEM,” said Allan Orillan, a Caltex retailer in the city.

Morris assures that Caltex FYS is set to fuel up STEM learning in more schools in the country every year. CPI is committed to contribute to the development of education in the country through its long-term Energy for Learning initiative under which more and more programs are being created to provide learning and livelihood skills to disadvantaged people.

La Union’s Poro Marine Protected Area ordinance takes effect, mobilizes locals as its guardians

Poro MPA guardians return from patrol training.
Photo above shows members of Poro Sea Lovers Association coming from patrol training as part of their roles as guardians of the 173-hectare marine protected area (MPA) in Barangay Poro, San Fernando City, La Union


La Union, Philippines. April 29, 2016. The city government of San Fernando recently passed City Ordinance No. 2015-03 “An Ordinance Establishing the Poro Marine Protected Area (MPA), Creating Its Management Council and Providing for Its Management”. The MPA was created to help conserve, protect and develop the marine resources of coastal communities along San Fernando Bay.

Among the members of the MPA management council is the people’s organization, the Poro Sea Lovers Association (PSLA), comprised of environment-conscious residents of Poro, most of which are fisher folks. The PSLA members are engaged in social enterprises such as food and catering services, aside from serving as MPA guardians.

PSLA was created based on a five-year, Php9.7M partnership between Chevron Philippines, Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants, the Institute of Social Order (ISO) and the City of San Fernando. Poro MPA is located in San Fernando Bay which is depleted of fishery resources, degraded of fish habitats, and run with inadequate fisheries policies.

“We are optimistic that with the signing of the MPA, we can somehow demonstrate that the local government and the private sector can work together to achieve sustainable environmental management. We hope that this project will be a showcase of cooperation between the local community, the local government and private enterprises such as Chevron,”, said Liza Lim, ISO’s Executive Director.

The project has been drawing interest from other stakeholders, thereby strengthening its sustainability. In addition to technical support, the city government provided an additional Php50,000 grant to include rice trading among PSLA’s social enterprise ventures. Poro Point Management Corporation, on the other hand, has adopted the project as a channel for its corporate social responsibility efforts. The project partners are also pursuing partnerships with local academic institutions and regional government service offices for environmental research, social enterprise development and skills training.

“We are pleased that the MPA ordinance is now in effect. Thanks to Chevron’s support, it will definitely increase fish catch and the income of the fisher folks in our coastal communities,” said Elsie Bejar, ISO’s Officer in Charge in La Union.


Chevron, which maintains an oil terminal in Poro Point, believes that supporting projects that address human needs, protect the environment, and help small business are important factors in the economic growth and well-being of communities.


Healthcare Now a Tweet Away

Manila, Philippines — April 12th 2016—During the last World Health Day on April 7th, Practo – the world’s leading healthcare platform, and Twitter partnered to make healthcare access easier than ever.
Twitter_Practo_4Twitter users can get their healthcare queries answered in real time via the @AskPracto handle. Users  can Tweet to @AskPracto and they will get responses in real time from verified doctors and experts via the Practo Consult platform.

Practo Consult is a platform that enables consumers to connect with verified, high quality doctors and get quick, free and authentic answers to their health questions. It receives questions from over 100 cities and solves one of the most fundamental healthcare problems that the Philippines faces – access to qualified medical professionals. It is already available on the Web, m-web, Android and iOS platform and starting today will be available via Twitter as well.

The integration goes live in three markets – India, Philippines and Singapore and will be available in English. It will soon expand to cover more countries and languages.

“This is a first of its kind solution in the world and we’re building this right here in India. The ease of access and simplicity will be disruptive in how people access healthcare information. We’re really delighted to partner with Twitter to bring this solution to our consumers and help millions live healthier, longer lives.” said Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.

“Twitter’s real-time, public and conversational capabilities helps people connect with things that matter, big and small. Our customer service partnerships are designed to improve user experience and access to daily utility such as real-time train schedules, pollution data, and customer care from brands. We are excited about our partnership with Practo as this addresses a fundamental need for users and opens up the benefit of real-time healthcare information access to millions of users in India, Singapore, and the Philippines,” said Ravichandran Bhaskaran, Head of Business Development, India and South Asia, Twitter.



Essential life hacks for people planning to live on their own

Manila, Philippines. April 12, 2016 – For those who have finally taken that crucial step into adulthood, nothing feels like the satisfaction and excitement of moving into their own pad.  However thrilling the experience may be, they shouldn’t forget the practical side—furnishing the new home with the essentials they need to survive on their own.  Here are a few practical tips to check out:

Hanabishi publicity pic 2Get multi-purpose items

Not only does doing this give more value for money, but it will also save on space. A sofa that converts into a bed would work wonders in a small studio, for example, as would a storage chest that doubles as a coffee table.

In the kitchen, avoid tools and appliances that can only do one thing. A multi-cooker like Hanabishi’s 9-in-1 will serve any college student, new graduate or young professional well. Not only is it an automatic rice cooker, it also functions as a broiler, braising pan, steamer, slow cooker, deep fryer, stir fryer, food warmer, and cooker for stews and even barbecue. Another multi-tasker is the Hanabishi blender which is good not only for making delicious, healthy shakes, but also for pureed soups, sauces, and dressing as well.

Invest in good cookware

The three most basic pots and pans for starter condo, apartment or townhouse are a stockpot (for boiling water, cooking pasta, making soup and stews), a saucepan (for making sauces, heating up soup), and a sauté pan (for pretty much everything else).

Make sure that the pots match the type of stove in the home, though. If using a stove like the Hanabishi induction cooker, the user needs cookware that are magnetic—cast iron, steel, magnetic stainless steel, and ceramic-clad or enamelled iron pots and pans. It may be worth investing in these because in the long run, one can save a lot on electricity by using an induction cooker.

Don’t forget the essentials

First-time independent girls and guys may overlook the small necessities—dishes, utensils, towels, and bed linen, but obviously these are needed as well. They don’t have to be matchy-matchy; in fact unmatched dinnerware has its own charm as long as the new nester can  pull it off with flair.

Prioritize good air circulation

Good ventilation is crucial to keep that pad from getting too stuffy. A good electric fan, like the Hanabishi Windmill, will keep the air flowing. Its internal motor is durable, as are the thick banana type blades, allowing the fan to keep the air moving at a comfortable velocity all day long. It also has a low electric consumption.

To up the coolness factor, consider the Hanabishi Air Cooler. It can lower the ambient temperature by 2 to 3 degrees—and in the sweltering heat, 28° is so much cooler than 30° —and can maintain the cooler air for six to eight hours. Keeping the windows open can also help with the air circulation, but this may leave the room occupant vulnerable to mosquitos, so it’s worth investing in an insect killer. The heavy duty violet light tube attracts and electrocutes flying insects, and since it emits no fumes of smoke, it is also better for the air quality.

Be practical

Good quality home products don’t have to come with a hefty price tag, so it’s a misconception to think that there’s a need to get the priciest items in the malls to guarantee good performance. Affordability can come with high quality, such as in the case of Hanabishi products.

It’s a great time to relish the joy of being on one’s own!




Hanabishi celebrates 30th birthday with disadvantaged children

Publicity shot Hanabishi spends 30th birthday with kids pics
“Partnering with the Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres Rehabilitation Center was a perfect opportunity for us to give back,” shares Hanabishi Vice President Cherish Ong-Chua.

Manila, Philippines – Always trying to make a difference in the Filipino home, Hanabishi celebrated its 30th anniversary in a special kind of abode: the Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres Rehabilitation Center, a dwelling place for street children, foundlings, abandoned children, victims of domestic abuse, and victims of child labor. On February 20, 2016, the executives and staff of Hanabishi, in partnership with Jollibee Foods Corporation, chose to hold a fun-filled birthday with 150 children from the residential care center located in Bustos, Bulacan – which is just a couple of towns away from Hanabishi’s headquarters – instead of having the usual team-building activity.

“We usually do our company team-building activity around this time of the year. But since it’s our 30th anniversary, we wanted to make it more memorable not only for our employees, but also for the other members of the community where we operate. Partnering with the Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres Rehabilitation Center was a perfect opportunity for us to give back,” shares Hanabishi Vice President Cherish Ong-Chua.

For the past three decades, Hanabishi has kept its commitment of bringing high quality yet affordable home products to every Filipino home. Its lineup of small kitchen appliances, living room and bedroom products, garment care products and commercial-grade appliances has consistently delivered on the promise of quality and affordability, truly making the brand the “Kapartner ng Praktikal na Nanay at Bossing.” It is one of the leading brands in the country in terms of volume sales, and has various exciting activities and product launches in the pipeline.

Aside from preparing the food, games, and prizes which both the kids and kids-at-heart enjoyed, the group also donated some items including toiletries, condiments, chocolate drinks, sacks of rice, school supplies, and clothes.

“More than the items we donated, I think what matters more are the quality time that we spent with the kids. We share the same belief with the Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres Rehabilitation Center that by giving these disadvantaged children a safe home, empowering them with opportunities for growth and development, and making them feel the love of a family, they can become productive citizens of the society in the future,” she adds.

Over the years, Hanabishi has supported several organizations and foundations like Bantay Bata 163 and GMA Kapuso Foundation.