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Playing Pinoy games with orphans

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Play for a Day

Dec. 18, 2014. Manila, Philippines – In one afternoon, 50 orphans at the Nayon ng Kabataan Center dashed, jumped, and played Pinoy games with volunteers from Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of the Caltex fuel and lubricants. This play therapy is intended to create a play-based environment to help the kids build their mental, emotional, and social skills.

Photo above shows two Nayon kids trying to outsmart their ate and kuya (elder siblings) in Patintero, the popular Filipino game version of Tag. “I’ve truly felt the love and care of my Ates and Kuyas with their hugs. I have always wanted to see and play with them again, I’m so happy to see them back, ” said 11 year old Elvira, one of the orphans who played with the previous batch of Chevron volunteers who visited the center last year.

The event is part of CPI’s Week of Caring, a yearly volunteerism program where Chevron employees and their business partners engage in diverse activities that benefit disadvantaged communities.

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