EVOLVE: Public Relations

As the world flattens and readers drive content, PR ebbs and flows in exciting little unexplored spaces not too long ago was thought impossible.

We get as much as 30 newspaper clippings per week on stories about our clients from the consumer, information technology, health, hospitality and tourism sectors. Our account managers write the stories themselves to leverage in-depth knowledge of client’s products, services and the media. News clippings are carefully reviewed for business leads, emerging issues and client feedback then sent to clients as reference. We also monitor clients’ competition, industry trends and government policies for greater strategic oversight of key accounts.

ELEVATE: Events Management

Get the audience “in” the event rather than “at”

We have the experience to put the strategic, tactical and creative components together and make it work. We have been doing events since 1997. That’s over 20 years of experience under our belt. If it’s an event, then we’ve done it.

We also leverage services from our other teams. Our events management team is complimented by our direct-marketing team. The latter helps drive RSVP and give your audience VIP treatment from our telemarketers. To give your event more impact beyond those present, our PR Team can extend the sphere of awareness through publicity and out-of-home ads. Ardent’s Digital Team can keep the guests buzzing about your event in social networks event after they’ve returned to their offices.

Few events management companies can offer the unique perspectives of communicators and synergized services for your events. If you want fuss free events, take it to us.

EXPLORE: Digital Marketing

Taking advantage of new technologies to reach the target market.

Companies that will succeed are those that can create, secure and provide information to people who need them whenever and where ever. Having a Brand without a digital strategy is like building a house without any access road. No one will find you. The strategic use of digital media such as Google Display Networks, Search Ads, SEO and Social Media Networks allows your customers to find you just at the right moment. Thanks to our Digital Team, our clients have audiences that are more engaged than ever.

EXPRESS: Creatives

Creativity leaves its mark when it is strategic.

We are both creative and strategic. The design, layout and copy work together to get your message across.  We produce materials that communicate both visually and verbally. From flyers to feature ads, we take your goal and bring results. Our teams of copywriters and graphics designers are never out of ideas to bring your vision into reality.

EXPAND: Direct Marketing

 There is a handshake that happens before the mailer is sent and read, it’s called permission.

Clients are always impressed with the ROI they get from our Direct Marketing campaigns. One client snagged P6 million in sales from an investment of P70 thousand for one DM campaign we managed for them. The reason for our high rate of success is the 98% integrity of our database at any given time, which contains contact details of key decision-makers such as CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and managers of thousands of Philippine companies. This database is backed-up by a trained staff of telemarketers that interact with customers in a way that extends the brand experience.

EXPOSE: Advertising

The right message on the right platform drives the right audience.

Our key people are among the country’s most experienced in account management and creative direction for consumer, corporate and political clients of multinational ad agencies. Our pool of creative artists, copywriters and talents are similarly qualified for full-scale production of print and radio ads, A/V presentations and other creative advertising materials.


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