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Our practice comes from over 40 years of combined management experience
in Advertising, PR and Development Communications..

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We are a group of experienced publicists, designers and development communication experts. We set new standards in public relations & make future happen.


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Going into its 15th year, ArdentComm continues to address clients’ communication needs using Public Relations, advertising, marketing promotions, media relations, event management, and Direct Marketing.

Our practice comes from over 40 years of combined management experience in advertising, PR and development communications.

ArdentComm recognizes that while technology offers many channels for influencing markets, it does not provide the discernment needed to choose the ones that matter. Neither does it create the message that turns a reader, viewer, listener or participant into a loyal customer, nor differentiate the crucial driving forces behind customer responses in one province, region or country from another.

ArdentComm helps you craft your message, get the right platform, and connect with your audience. Don’t be distracted by the bell and whistles technology may add to your marketing activities, your key message should be the main attraction. Your audience should never lose sight of your message whether via news, direct mailer, seminar or through a spokesperson. It’s all about being strategic.

As an agency with PR as its heart, we are first of all strategic, creative second.

We are Ardent Communications,
a company specializing in providing
the necessary expertise to help boost
any organization’s visibility within
the industry.


We focus your resources where it brings the most benefits.

As a client-focused agency, we are seeing that there are problems that can’t be solved by one tool only. You have to throw more than one ingredient into the mix for full effect.

As an agency with PR as its heart, we are first of all strategic, creative second.

Your objectives dictate our strategy. Whether your requirement can be met by one service or the integration of several, the driving factor for the final choice is cost-efficiency. We give you the flexibility to focus or refocus your resources where it will bring you the most benefits through any one, several or all of the following services in our practice areas.

WHY ArdentComm?

To get value for money. Have you ever tried coordinating with different agencies for advertising, PR, events, and direct marketing all at the same time? How much did it cost you in time, money and effort? We offer you expertise in all of your marketing communications requirements. You maximize your budget because you talk to one shop and get more cost-effective services.

To create and communicate the need. We help make your key audience realize and understand their need for your product and services.

To better manage the numbers. If it is not measurable then it is not achievable. Measurement is the barometer of success. With the proper metrics, we can track the progress of our campaigns. Metrics make a dynamic and proactive program that is able to adapt to the fickleness of the marketplace.

Affiliations: Brodeur Worldwide, Porter Novelli PRIMA, PRADO

We address clients’ communication needs using Public Relations, advertising, marketing promotions, media relations, event management, and Direct Marketing At Ardent Communications, we don’t market. We communicate!



We get as much as 30 newspaper clippings per week on stories about our clients from the consumer, information technology, health, hospitality and tourism sectors. Our account managers write the stories themselves to leverage in-depth knowledge of client’s products, services and the media. News clippings are carefully reviewed for business leads, emerging issues and client feedback then sent to clients as reference. We also monitor clients’ competition, industry trends and government policies for greater strategic oversight of key accounts.

Since 1997, we have handled numerous conferences and special events attended by sales persons, CEOs, business owners, programmers and network managers. We log 130 events a year composed of trainings, product launches, cocktails, workshops, trade exhibits, summits and conferences. Our events open business opportunities for clients because we raise “flags” whenever prospects are identified through our unique way of event management.

Our key people are among the country’s most experienced in account management and creative direction for consumer, corporate and political clients of multinational ad agencies. Our pool of creative artists, copywriters and talents are similarly qualified for full-scale production of print and radio ads, A/V presentations and other creative advertising materials.

Clients are always impressed with the ROI they get from our Direct Marketing campaigns. One client snagged P6 million in sales from an investment of P70 thousand for one DM campaign we managed for them. The reason for our high rate of success is the 98% integrity of our database at any given time, which contains contact details of key decision-makers such as CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and managers of thousands of Philippine companies. This database is backed-up by a trained staff of telemarketers that interact with customers in a way that extends the brand experience.

We have handled marketing promotions and created awareness of clients’ products not only in Manila, but also in Cebu and Davao. Our mall tours attract the targeted audience due to careful planning and creativity, which we channel into the road shows. We have also successfully managed Asia-Pacific road shows coming through the Philippines via our regional partnership and affiliates.

In the information economy, the main highway of trading is the Internet. With online commerce set to grow into trillions of dollars, we have been advising clients how to hitch a ride in this borderless frontier. We have people who consult with clients to raise their online sales, create relevant content, increase usability and boost search engine rankings.

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“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Benjamin Franklin

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