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Technology is changing the way we communicate but PR will always be about relationships.

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As the world flattens and readers drive content, PR ebbs and flows in exciting little unexplored spaces not too long ago was thought impossible. Is not just about publicity. It’s about creating relationships that bring value to both parties. Today’s PR happens in real time and dynamically swings from platform to platform.

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Digital Marketing

Take advantage of new technologies to reach the target market. With more Filipinos than ever on social media, companies have no choice but to use Digital marketing. Digital marketing can engage your customer in many levels and in ways that are unobtrusive, expected and helpful. Digital marketing allows granularity with actionable and timely data.


Get the audience “in” the event rather than “at”. Successful marketing events are more than just glitzy and costly production numbers and sets. It’s a finely-tuned dance between communications, creativity, practicality and execution. Each without the others is just empty posturing. What is communication without the creativity to relay it? Creativity unfettered by practicality costs money. Being practical means being able to execute with excellence.   

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The right message on the right platform drives the right audience. The world is awash in advertising. It’s more challenging for brands to make their audience listen, pay attention and remember. You want to be strategic first and creative second. Really think about the behavior, time, place, and media before creating the artwork.  


Creativity leaves its mark when it is strategic. Creativity is seen not only on the plane of a paper, a wall or screen. It shows in the composition of the message. Creativity is also applied in the delivery of the message. This happens when there is a sound strategy in place.


Direct Marketing

There is a handshake that happens before the mailer is sent and read, it’s called permission.

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Caltex Fuel Your School calls for event management, publicity, social media marketing, community and government relations, advertising and graphics design to bring together a multi-partnership program that has been helping thousands of public high school students and teachers for three straight years.

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