Help provide school equipment to high-need public senior high schools through Caltex Fuel Your School drive

Selfies to promote Caltex Fuel Your School in social media
Help public senior high schools students and teachers get quality equipment by promoting Caltex Fuel Your School in social media.


Manila, Philippines. June 22, 2015 – From June 15 to July 15, motorists can help produce the country’s future scientists, programmers, engineers and math wizards by fueling up in participating Caltex stations to fund Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects of senior public high school teachers and their students in Metro Manila.

In the fundraising drive called Caltex Fuel Your School (CFYS), Caltex will donate P1 for every 4-liter fuel purchase to provide teachers from the highest-need public schools in Metro Manila with tools they requested like multimedia projectors, laptops, lab sets and other devices to effectively teach STEM subjects which are critical learning areas for incoming grades 11 and 12.

Photo above shows staff at Ardent doing their part to promote CFYS by posting selfies and sharing online to their Facebook friends.

CFYS is part of Caltex Energy for Learning Initiative, which supports educational programs that help individuals acquire knowledge and gain new skills. CYFS is supported by the Department of Education and the American Chamber Foundation as partners.

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