Climb up the Leaderboard with ViewSonic Gaming Monitors

ViewSonic Gaming Monitor PR Photo
ViewSonic Gaming Monitor

Manila, Philippines —ViewSonic® today introduced a new family of exciting gaming monitors that will surely take the Philippine gaming world by storm.

The new monitors— ViewSonic® XG2401,  ViewSonic® XG3202-C and ViewSonic® XG2703-GS— all offer vivid and crystal-clear visuals, blazingly fast variable refresh rates, unbelievably quick response times, fully customizable Game Mode settings, Black Stabilization feature for higher visibility even in dark scenes,  Low Input Lag for seamless viewing experiences, and flexible connectivity options, to level up the gaming experience.

The ViewSonic® XG2401:Blazingly fast and feature-packed

Avid gamers will salivate with excitement with ViewSonic® XG2401, a 24-inch full HD (1920×1080 resolution) monitor that outspeeds today’s 60Hz displays by 2.4x with its incredible 144Hz per second refresh rate and 1ms response time while delivering smooth movements, crisp edges, and visual clarity. Perfect for fast-paced racing adventures and first-person shooter (FPS) games, ViewSonic® XG2401 has an ultra-fast 1ms liquid crystal response time, which translates to ultra-smooth, blurless images and videos. The monitor also features a low input lag offering decreased signal latency from graphics cards to the display, for a seamless viewing experience.

ViewSonic® XG2401’s FreeSync technology selects the best refresh rate, response time, and lowest input lag for FPS games. Gamers can optimize visuals through pre-calibrated and user-customized Game Modes, and even customize settings to suit their own preferences. ViewSonic® XG2401’s Black Stabilization function allows them to see their enemies clearly even in dark scenes— gamers can definitely gain competitive advantage with an advanced dynamic contrast ratio that translates to sharper and clearer images.

Gamers can keep on playing for long hours with ViewSonic® XG2401’s Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter, which help reduce eye strain during extended use. They can also use DisplayPort, HDMI, and integrated USB connection inputs for enhanced flexibility in connecting to various game consoles, Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, and other high-definition gadgets.  ViewSonic® XG2401 also has a VESA-mountable design, which allows gamers to place the monitor on top of an upright monitor stand or attach it to a wall mount.

The ViewSonic® XG3202-C: Curved for better viewing

Gamers can finally remove “viewing constraints” from their list of gaming frustrations: ViewSonic® XG3202-C offers a panoramic, wide-field view of the gaming landscape with a 1800R screen curvature that is perfect for racing, going FPS, or playing wide-scene games.

Gamers can finally react to opponents’ moves in real time, thanks to ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s 144Hz referesh rate and XG3202-C’s Low Input Lag, which  dramatically decreases delays in graphic-intense sequences during fierce gaming battles. The monitor features visual fluidity, for an unparalleled graphic experience. Users can also experience smoother play even when they are playing at the speed of flight with AMD FreeSync™ technology, which removes image tearing, stuttering and jerkiness.

Gamers can enjoy color and brightness consistency at any vantage point, thanks to ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s 1080p SuperClear® VA Panel technology. ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s dual integrated speakers also offer superb audio clarity, for an enriched audiovisual gaming experience.

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS: Intense play that knows no bounds

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS is a boon for hard-core gamers who love to set their graphic settings to the max: designed for entertainment and gaming, its 2560×1440 WQHD SuperClear® IPS-type panel guarantees enhanced color accuracy and greater viewing angles.  Fierce gaming battles with family and friends are more fun with ViewSonic® XG2703-GS’s NVIDIA G-Sync technology, unbelievable 165Hz refresh rate, and the  NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology, which virtually eliminate screen tears or stutters during fast-paced action sequences.

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS also features a gamer-inspired ergonomic stand with an integrated headphone hook, cable management and LED lighting function, so gamers can play with absolute impunity– they won’t even have to worry about bothersome wire entanglements that can cause them to lose focus.

Availability and pricing scheme

ViewSonic® XG2401 is now available in the Philippines in ViewSonic® distributors and dealers nationwide at P17,700. ViewSonic® XG3202-C and ViewSonic® XG2703-GS will soon be arriving in the Philippine market.

For more information about ViewSonic products, please visit

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Mister Potato breakthrough launch of Sweet Potato Crisps

Mister Potato Launch PR Photo
Mister Potato Launch

Manila, PHILIPPINES, November 11, 2016 – Malaysia’s no. 1 brand of potato snack, Mister Potato, today launches a breakthrough product in the Philippines which dares to be different than the usual munchies available in the market. Mister Potato Purple Sweet Potato Crisps takes snacking to a whole new level so consumers can enjoy high quality, tasty and crispy sweet potato chips as much as they want.

Established in 1992, Mister Potato has garnered several awards for producing high quality crisps. The brand upholds an uncompromising standard of quality, from the ingredient selection process on to the production and finishing stages. Today, Mister Potato remains Malaysia’s top choice in potato snacks and is now exported in 90 countries worldwide.

No Compromise in Taste

Whether it is to be shared or be consumed alone, potato crisps are always a sure hit appetizer, side dish or snack. Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps, changes this snacking game for all potato crisps lovers out there as it is made from the freshest ingredients and natural purple Sweet potato, no artificial colour was added. The manufacturer ensures the purple sweet potatoes used are bacteria-, fungi- and pesticide free. They are handpicked from the farms and processed at once to maintain their natural color, goodness and fresh taste. The potatoes then undergo several washing and are fried using vegetable oil before they are tightly sealed. This makes Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps crunchier than crunchy!

The Sweet, Natural Kind

Sweet Potato has variant species with their own distinctive colour, look and taste. It has been also named as “Super Food” which contains high nutrition benefits. Especially Purple Sweet Potato containing high Fibre, manganese, Vitamins A&C and Anthocyanins which benefits our eyesight, Heart health, anti-inflammatory, etc.

What makes Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps different from the usual potato snack? It’s not just its natural purple color but its sweet taste. The Purple sweet Potato Crisps goodness combined with its crunchy, sweet taste create an explosion of flavors and texture that satisfy potato snack cravings. Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps is packed with vitamins and minerals and is guaranteed gluten-, GMO- and cholesterol-free with 0% trans fatty acid.

Because Mister Potato takes snacking seriously, the brand has boldly changed the game with the launch of Sweet Potato Crisps. Now available in leading supermarkets nationwide for only Php75, Mister Potato’s Sweet Potato Crisps is all set to change everybody’s potato snacking experience!




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Hino bolsters Inland’s operations with durable trucks

HMP Publicity Photo
(From L-R) Hino Motors Philippines (HMP) President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki and HMP Chairman Mr. Vicente Mills, Jr. hand over the ceremonial key to Inland President Ms. Ma. Teresa R. Antonio and Inland SVP for Trucking and Contract Logistics Mr. Alfredo O. Gomez during the turnover ceremonies held at the HMP Plant in Canlubang, Laguna.

Canlubang, Laguna. November 8, 2016 – Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, is supporting global freight and forwarding company Inland Corporation’s logistics needs through a fleet upgrade. Hino Motors has supplied 10 units of W342L light duty trucks with aluminum bodies and 8 units of SS2P heavy-duty H10 Wheeler Tractor Truck Chassis to service Inland’s new businesses and further broaden its local network of transport services.

HMP Chairman Mr. Vicente T. Mills, Jr. and HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki formally turned the newly-purchased truck models over to Inland Corporation President Ma. Teresa R. Antonio and Inland SVP for Trucking and Contract Logistics Mr. Alfredo O. Gomez, during a ceremony at the HMP Plant in Canlubang, Laguna.

“We are confident in our capability to support Inland Corporation’s logistics needs and business growth targets. Total support is our mantra, and we are committed in delivering this promise to Inland Corporation and our other clients,” Mr. Mills shared.

By leveraging on HMP’s trucking expertise in driving vehicle sustainability as well as keeping operational costs at bay, Inland Corporation will be able to enhance its service capabilities in fulfilling new demands and discovering innovative solutions for the transport business.

HMP PR Publicity Photo
(From L-R) Inland SVP for Trucking and Contract Logistics Mr. Alfredo O. Gomez, Hino Motors Philippine (HMP) Chairman Mr. Vicente Mills, Jr., Inland President Ms. Ma. Teresa R. Antonio, and HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki during the turnover ceremonies held at the HMP Plant in Canlubang, Laguna.

“We will continue to upgrade our fleet and explore more services in line with movement of merchandise for production from plant to plant. We are banking on Hino’s product and service expertise to increase our local reach,” said Antonio.

HMP has been engaged in the assembly and exclusive distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines for more than 40 years. Known for providing safe, durable, and reliable trucks, HMP complements the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations.

HMP’s January 2016 to September 2016 sales grew by 46% year on year, significantly exceeding the industry’s 27% sales growth during the same period. By collaborating with new strategic partners such as Inland Corporation, HMP is confident in further strengthening its foothold in the local trucking industry.

HMP is targeting to supply 150 truck units as part of Inland Corporation’s 2017 re-fleeting program.

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About Hino Motors Philippines Corporation

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP) is primarily engaged in the exclusive assembly and distribution of quality Hino buses and trucks, distribution of genuine Hino spare parts, and the manufacture and distribution of other automotive-related products and services in the Philippines.

Originally incorporated in March 1975 under the name Pilipinas Hino Inc. (PHI) before it changed its name to HMP in 2015, the company is a joint venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd., and the Marubeni Corporation of Japan.

F5 Delivers Cloud Application Services without Compromise

F5 PR publicity photo
F5 Delivers Cloud Application Services

PHILIPPINES, NOVEMBER 16, 2016F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today unveiled a series of solutions and innovations designed for customers requiring rich, consistent application services across private, public, and hybrid cloud application deployments. In addition, F5 announced combined solutions with Equinix Cloud Exchange and Performance Hub that empower enterprises to deploy business-critical applications in multiple public cloud infrastructures with leading security, availability, and performance.

As businesses transform to digital-first organizations, applications and associated services are vital for competitive differentiation. F5 is bringing these solutions to market as IT must enable both established and emerging environments to better integrate DevOps practices, agile development, and cloud resources. F5 sits in a unique position at the convergence of cloud and data center application services, enabling customers to embrace modern infrastructures without sacrificing security and control.

“A digital economy means that applications and services must be easy to deploy, low-friction, and quick to scale to help organizations pivot toward new market opportunities,” said Ryan Kearny, EVP of Product Development and CTO, F5. “Only F5 provides programmable, feature-rich software and hardware to unify the delivery of apps across data center and cloud environments, including container and microservices use cases. Our solutions further reduce deployment time through valuable integrations, native orchestration capabilities, and compelling partnership solutions, such as our colocation offerings with Equinix.”

Migrating IT workflows to the cloud promises significant advantages, but can place unintended stress on parallel management, security, and operations functions. While evolving their business models, organizations are challenged to deliver service enhancements to keep up with the changing requirements of growing user counts, applications, and traffic volumes. As enterprises travel different paths to the cloud, F5 is introducing technologies that bridge between established IT and more cloud-fluent infrastructure models.

F5 PR Publicity photo
Hybrid cloud application deployments
  • The BIG-IP® iSeries line of ‘software-defined hardware’ Application Delivery Controllers

F5 is expanding its BIG-IP offerings with the iSeries. The new hardware platforms incorporate industry-leading programmability with support for node.js via iRules LX, enabling customers to tailor their systems for evolving infrastructure needs. Unique to the iSeries, F5’s TurboFlex technology enables selectable performance profiles to maximize investment protection and deliver dedicated cloud, security, and app delivery optimizations. Similarly, iSeries platforms can be specifically configured to support enhanced DDoS protection, as well as private cloud and SDN technologies from organizations such as OpenStack, Cisco, and VMware. Additional detail about F5’s iSeries platforms is available in this companion blog post.

  • Partner solutions with Equinix for application delivery services in colocation environments

F5’s comprehensive partnership with Equinix, leveraging both the Equinix Cloud Exchange and Performance Hub, enables enhanced global access to application delivery and security services. Through the Equinix Cloud Exchange—available in 21 markets—F5 provides direct, seamless access to its cloud services, bypassing the public Internet and thus increasing performance and security. And, by combining the F5 cloud gateway with Equinix Performance Hub, customers can take advantage of a hybrid interconnection model, providing high-speed and low-latency connectivity between multiple cloud providers and enterprise networks. The net result of F5 and Equinix efforts is an optimized, secure application delivery model that delivers the utmost in application performance and user experience possible. For more about F5’s collaboration with Equinix and cloud interconnect colocation, please see this Equinix blog post.

  • Lightweight proxy and connector technologies to encourage cloud and hybrid deployments

F5 will expand its agile software portfolio with solutions that are simple to use and integrate with management and orchestration tools. These technologies grant customers a more flexible approach to application deployment and better take advantage of the operations gains and efficiency of the cloud. Specifically, F5 is introducing the following:

  • Application Services Proxy provides basic load balancing and application traffic visibility in a small, lightweight form factor that can quickly be deployed. This gives customers ultimate flexibility in developing, testing, and scaling applications and associated services in concert with cloud and container environments.
  • Container Connector offerings enable the provisioning of services for containerized applications, and make it easy to integrate capabilities from management/orchestration systems such as Kubernetes and Mesos/Marathon. For simple load balancing, Application Services Proxy can be used in highly portable environments; for more substantial application delivery services, the connector automates provisioning to a BIG-IP solution.
  • Application Connector dramatically simplifies access for enterprise applications hosted in the public cloud, providing the security and availability services those applications require. To accomplish this, it delivers application services from the edge of the cloud by automatically discovering cloud-hosted instances and connecting them to the customer’s data center or hosted location.

Supporting Quotes

“F5 has defined goals of easing customers’ transition to the cloud and supporting their application-driven digital initiatives,” said Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst, ZK Research. “Organizations can use the company’s hardware and virtual editions to migrate services to a cloud, hosted, or hybrid environment, with F5 technology effectively serving as an advantageous gateway. In the F5 framework, customers and (their app developers) can select cloud providers without limiting services to individual applications, confining themselves to restrictive use cases, or depending on shadow IT to support apps.”

“Today’s organizations are continually asking how they can provide crucial application services—such as identity federation and SSO—in both on-premises and cloud environments,” said Greg Adgate, VP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Equinix. “By offering connectivity to critical applications via the Equinix Cloud Exchange and integrating them with our Performance Hub solution, we are enabling customers to heighten productivity and enhance security to a globally distributed user base, and with lower costs.”


BIG-IP iSeries platforms are available now. Offerings from F5 and Equinix, along with related partnership details, are available now. Please contact a local F5 sales office for additional product and service availability information pertaining to specific countries. Formal availability for F5’s Application Services Proxy, Container Connector, and Application Connector technologies will be announced at a later date.



Suzuki Super Carry shows MSMEs how to keep the wheels of business turning at the AFFI Expo 2016

Suzuki PR Publicity Photo
Suzuki Super Carry Bankers Launch

MANILA, PHILIPPINES. October 15, 2016 – Suzuki Philippines accelerates interest for its most recently launched product among its primary target market—the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)—by presenting the Super Carry at the 15th Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) Expo at the World Trade Center in Pasay City on October 14 to 16.

Beneficial to businesses in more ways than one, Super Carry is specially designed to help more businesses reach their maximum potential as it is built to efficiently carry out more tasks, and be a practical, cost-efficient and reliable workhorse for any kind of enterprise.

As businesses in the country continue to prosper – along with it comes the increasing demand for vehicles used for the regular transport of goods, resources and manpower over great distances. However, even with the economic growth and its benefits combined, it is still hard to outweigh the inconveniences people encounter on a daily basis.

Heavy traffic, increased fuel costs, uneven road condition and the worsening pollution to identify several of them – these pressing issues do not only apply to people but the same goes especially for vehicles to which these businesses are heavily reliant on.

“Through providing the market with a vehicle capable of withstanding the toughest of conditions, Suzuki believes the Super Carry is designed with attributes fit to address such issues,” added Mr. Hoshikura.

To further highlight the attributes of their latest model, Suzuki Philippines will feature during the three-day event a line-up of the Super Carry each particularly modified for commercial use.

About Suzuki Philippines Incorporated

Suzuki Philippine Incorporated is a wholly-owned Japanese multinational firm highly recognized in the automotive industry. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of motorcycle and distribution of compact vehicles.

Suzuki has established its reputation worldwide for quality, versatility, and innovation and has created a heritage of trust and reliability.