8 Habits That Get Your Press Releases Published

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The Rise of Thingbots in the Philippines

Thingbots, botnets built exclusively from IoT devices, are set to become the infrastructure for a future darknet. This is one of the key findings of F5 Networks’s latest report, “Threat Analysis: The Hunt for IoT  – the Rise of Thingbots,” which continues to track Telnet activity, and the progressions of Mirai, as well as Persirai, a new thingbot.

The report exposes how IoT devices have been, and will continue to be one of the most highly exploitable tools in the arsenals of cyber attackers.

Image: Internet of Things devices connect the world around us and power our lives, but make us more vulnerable to being hacked

Cybersecurity remains a key issue in the Philippines, and even more so now with Filipinos becoming increasingly aware about cyber attacks and similar threats. In line with this, the government has committed P2 billion for the next three years to boost the country’s cybersecurity framework. The Department of Information Communication Technology, a government bureau established in 2016 to help police the Philippine internet, launched the National Cybersecurity Plan 2022 early this year.

Image: Countries where top 50 IP addresses reside

Image: Persirai-infected IP cameras and Command & Control servers, Asia, June 2017

As shown in the map above, cybersecurity will continue to remain a key concern in today’s ever connected world, driven by the rise of IoT. Hackers find new ways to leverage unprotected devices to launch cyber attacks. The reality remains – our world of unsecured devices is the new playground for hackers; and according to F5 Networks’ latest report, this is not going to change (until IoT manufacturers are forced to secure these devices), as IoT devices are becoming the “cyberweapon delivery system of choice” by today’s botnet-building attackers.

Image: Historical view of IoT attack growth by quarter, January 2016 through June 2017

Some of the key insights:

  • IoT attacks rose by 280%, attributed to the Mirai malware and its subsequent attacks (Image above)
  • China, previously the top source country from which attacking activity originated, has dropped off significantly, contributing less than 1% to the total attack volume
  • Spain has taken over as the leader in attacks, with 83% of attacks launched from a hosting provider network based there
  • Hackers are building thingbots based on specific disclosed vulnerabilities in IoT devices, rather than having to find new exploits

Image: Top 50 most attacked admin username and password combinations; 94% of respondents admit to using the same passwords as their usernames for logins

What does this mean for enterprises?

  • Have a DDoS strategy ready at hand
  • Ensure redundancy for critical services, and that they are prepared for downstream impact
  • Implement credential stuffing solutions
  • Train employees on the threat and vulnerability of IoT devices – the more aware they are of these threats, the less likely they are to become affected by the attacks

Threat Analysis: The Hunt for IoT  – the Rise of Thingbots is the third volume of F5 Networks’s IoT reports, following the second volume Threat Analysis Report: The Hunt for IoT. To find out more on the subject, the full report is available here with further detail on global and market trends.


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Royal Cargo equips reefer vans for Christmas season

Ever wondered why the Royal Cargo reefer vans do not show the complete Company name? Royal Cargo hopes to elicit interest among commuters with the brand name cut on the sides of its reefer vans.

Royal Cargo, a leading provider of high-quality and cost-efficient specialized logistics services in the country, continues to strengthen its logistics and cold chain capabilities in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season.

The Company’s more than 100 refrigerated vans are equipped to carry chilled and frozen products such as cold cuts, ice cream and concentrated juices that are in greater demand during the holiday season. The reefer vans ensure cool and stable temperatures during transport to extend product shelf life and minimize food spoilage, a risk further exacerbated by the heavier traffic during Christmas.

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Capture the Christmas spirit with the Moto G5S plus

Christmas is one of the most-awaited celebrations among Filipinos for several reasons. It is the perfect reason for getting together and bonding with loved ones. Besides providing an ideal backdrop for creating wonderful memories, it provides a setting for actually capturing those moments.

In this digital era, there is no easier way to preserve moments with loved ones than by taking a snap using the phone. Motorola Philippines makes sure to equip Filipinos with the perfect smartphone for exactly these memorable moments.

Step up photography skills in time for this year’s holiday season with the Moto g5s plus. The phone’s dual 13MP rear cameras deliver like a professional camera but without the bulkiness. Take it on the Christmas getaway for easy photo snapping even while on the go.

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Hino breaks ground for dealership in Isabela

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, marks its first full-service dealership in Isabela with a ground-breaking ceremony. HMP is confident Hino Isabela will provide efficient trucking solutions to meet the growing logistics demand in the city.

To date, the new dealership in Isabela counts as the 18th Hino dealership launched in the country. This continuous expansion serves as a testament of HMP’s undying commitment to providing high quality trucks, buses and automated services to the Filipino people.

As a full-service dealership, Hino Isabela offers a wide variety of trucks and buses from 300 light-duty truck series to 500 medium-duty truck series and 700 heavy-duty models to cater to the different and specific needs of each client. Every truck, bus and spare parts take pride in the innovative Japanese technology behind HMP’s manufacturing.

“Hino continues to strengthen its commitment as a total support provider by opening a new dealership here in Isabela. Hino understands the high demand for quality trucks and buses in Isabela, where the main business sector is agri-business. Hino Isabela will serve as the new business partner to ensure smooth logistic operations and supply chain management systems,” HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki said.

In addition to being the country’s second largest province of the Philippines, Isabela is the “Regional Trade and Industrial Center of north-eastern Luzon” where Agriculture is its biggest industry. As the country’s top corn producing province, it contributes 21% of the annual national yellow corn production. High-value agricultural crops grown in Isabela include monggo, tobacco, coffee, banana, and mango. Its livestock and poultry industries are also on the rise, especially dairy processing, hog production, cattle breeding, and commercial poultry raising.

A growing number of foreign and local investors have selected Isabela as site of their business ventures. Leading car, motorcycle and truck manufacturers and many other companies entered the province over the past years.

HMP has been engaged in the assembly and exclusive distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines for more than 40 years. HMP addresses the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations by providing safe, durable and reliable trucks.

# # #

About Hino Motors Philippines Corporation

Hino Motors Philippines Corporation (HMP) is primarily engaged in the exclusive assembly and distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses, distribution of genuine Hino spare parts, and the manufacture and distribution of other automotive-related products and services in the Philippines.

Originally incorporated in March 1975 under the name Pilipinas Hino Inc. (PHI) before it changed its name to HMP in 2015, the company is a joint venture among Filipino investors, Hino Motors, Ltd., and the Marubeni Corporation of Japan.