Caltex posts strong feats in 2019, emerges stronger for 2020

Caltex with Techron, the record-setting fuel, closes 2019 with a series of milestones that make it stronger than ever.  By opening 30 new service stations in 2019, Caltex will be able to reach more customers nationwide. Other notable Caltex highlights for 2019 were setting a new world-record, naming a new brand ambassador, and inking new partnerships.

Caltex was able to open two service stations before entering 2020 with new sites along Osmena Highway, San Andres, Manila; and along Dinalupihan Road, Porac, Pampanga.  The growing number of their retail sites is a testament of Caltex’s determination to reach out to every community in the country by providing fuels that power every drive to a joyful ride. Caltex aims to open more stations this year to provide quality and reasonably priced fuels and help millions of Filipino motorists set personal records on their journeys.

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Welcome 2020 with better Wi-Fi for your business and home

Leading global networking products provider D-Link International Pte. Ltd makes starting the year right with beyond-better Wi-Fi connectivity for your business and home a lot easier with the EXO series mesh router system.

A breakthrough from the traditional mesh starter kits that always come in a set of three or more devices, the EXO series includes smart mesh routers DIR-2660 (AC2600) and DIR-1360 (AC1300) and mesh extenders DRA-2060 (AC2000) and DRA-1360 (AC1300), with each router pairable with either one of the extenders for easier set up and operation.

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Work-life integration the new norm

With another year unfolding comes new goals and objectives as businesses and organizations finalize plans for the next few months. But business planning and strategy has ceased to be just about setting sales targets and performance metrics: As more companies  increasingly become aware of the need to keep employees engaged as a means of ensuring business success, organizations are looking at human resource management and development as a key part of the planning phase.  

Employees, whether new to the corporate jungle or a veteran, are for their part also making plans and revisiting career opportunities – or the lack thereof — as these relate to their long-term life goals. This is why it’s no wonder many employees review their prospects in their current workplace or start exploring outside around this time. 

As employee satisfaction and engagement climb the list of priorities, the spotlight is turned on work-life integration. This is even more relevant in today’s work environment, with millennials starting to account for the bulk of the workforce. Employees now are more aware of the many opportunities that await them and feel more empowered to make job choices. They look for job satisfaction not just in terms of pay but also, and sometimes even more strongly, in terms of upward mobility, personal growth and creativity.

But what really is work-life integration?

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OYO boosts startup European-inspired hotel in Alabang

Romantic, sophisticated and rich with history—this is how most people would describe Europe, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is this affinity to the continent and its diverse cultures that inspired the Abantos, the family behind the Abanto Group of Companies, to build OYO 171 Amore Hotel Manila, where Filipinos could experience European-style interiors and hospitality.

Located at the heart of the Alabang Business District, OYO 171 Amore Hotel Manila offers high-quality service without hurting the pocket. Named after the Italian word for love, Amore Hotel Manila’s Executive President and Managing Director Donna Abanto shares that the property aims to impart the feeling of love, passion and dedication through the services they offer. It sounded easy at first, but actualizing that goal was a huge challenge that Abanto had to conquer – until they partnered with OYO.

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Davaoeño Dominates NAsFOR’s Philippine Tough Truck Challenge, Bags 2019 Driver of the Year Award

Joseph Rodriguez of 4Wheelers Davao dominated Philippine Tough Truck Challenge (PTTC) 2019, the culminating race of this year’s MAXXIS 4×4 Cup Extreme Off-road Challenge, organized annually by the National Association of Filipino Off-roaders (NAsFOR). Named 2019 Driver of the Year, Rodriguez bested 28 of the country’s top extreme off-roaders enroute to winning the final and biggest race of the racing season.

Fellow Mindanao racers Euane Evangelista of Digos 4Wheelers and Christian John “CJ” Doyon of Ormoc 4Wheelers bagged the second and third places, respectively. PTTC 2019 was held in Tieza, Brgy. Malubog, Cebu City and was hosted by the Cebu Overland Club and Jeep Owners Club Cebu.

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