Shifting to the New Normal: Changing Perspectives and Behaviors

What have we been doing these past two and a half months in restricted living? How is quarantine life changing us? How ready are we to go out there again?

Having more free time than usual is certainly getting us doing more thinking and asking, yes, than usual. When done with WFH duties, in between Skype, Viber or Zoom meetings, after exercising, meditating, reading, gardening, writing, binge watching and all the other new hobbies we’ve developed, we find our thoughts moving to all sorts of directions and raising questions, mainly about what life would be after quarantine. These random thoughts attack with more intensity on weekends and all chores are done and we just sit in front of the TV or computer counting the hours away.

Riding the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions while stuck at home, we’ve certainly realized the advantages and disadvantages of this temporary quarantine life. Even as we get bored or feel anxious about our health and finances, we have more time for ourselves and with family. We are able to catch up on things and activities we have put on the backburner for so long. We can think more about our plans for the future: Students can think about what they really want to do. Young professionals can reflect on where they want to take their career and how. Businesses and organizations can assess their strengths and weaknesses and start working on whatever necessary changes they need to secure long-term viability.

But then our thoughts turn again to when returning to normal would be, if at all. When all this is over, how different would post-lockdown life be?

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SCG Announces Q1 2020 Operating Results, Joins Fight against COVID-19

SCG, leading business conglomerate in the ASEAN region, announced its Q1 2020 operating results, with revenue figures similar to the previous quarter despite the effects of the COVID-19 global outbreak. Backed by a proactive and solid business continuity management plan, SCG assures its partners and consumers that it will be able to face the challenges brought about by the pandemic at the same time adhere to government regulations. To ensure consumer safety and convenience, the company turns to digital technology to deliver products, services and solutions along with a strategic preparedness plan to mitigate disruption impacts and capture new opportunities.

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Embrace All the Possibilities with a New Home

Livingsprings Communities Realty and Development Corp. (LCRDC)’s award-winning development, 10 Acacia Place, departs from the common notion of condo living to redefine a new lifestyle with overflowing experiences for Filipinos.

With only 183 units spread throughout its 10 residential floors, 10 Acacia Place promises the perfect mix of privacy, comfort and leisure right in the heart of the city. LCRDC has recently launched additional unit layout options for home seekers who wish to find spacious condominium units in Metro Manila.

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realme Philippines Launches Latest Smartphone for Filipinos, realme 6i

realme Philippines, the lifestyle partner of the youth, launches the latest smartphone designed to match the lifestyle needs of Filipinos and disrupt the sub-10K mobile phone segment, the realme 6i.

The realme 6i offers a bang-for-buck experience with technology and features yet to be seen in its tier: a MediaTek Helio G80 SoC, a 48MP quad-camera set-up and a 5,000mAh battery. With these features, the realme 6i optimizes user experience and elevates it to that of a midrange smartphone. The successor of the realme 5, the realme 6i boasts a 35 percent CPU performance boost over the former. This latest smartphone offering from realme is ready to unleash the power of young aspirants in the fields of gaming, photography and content creation and move young dreamers’ goals forward.

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How State Support, Agritech Solutions Enhance PH Food Security amid COVID-19

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disrupting agricultural links to consumers, the Philippine government bolsters food security by providing farmers with financial support and forming new localized supply chains. While these reforms have helped, a number of technological solutions also have the potential to strengthen the industry through greater access to finance.

Although agricultural activities have been permitted to continue during the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the government on much of the country, some farmers have nevertheless seen their activities limited by various provincial restrictions. In Quezon province, for example, stricter measures were implemented on April 9, permitting residents in some barangays (wards) to leave their homes only once per week – placing the harvest at risk of spoilage during the dry season.

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