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Suzuki PH broadens reach in Eastern Luzon with Suzuki Auto Taytay

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(L-R) SPH Assistant General Manager Cecil Capacete; ETNA Motors, Inc. and Mt. Sinai Motors Corp. Managing Director Romina Theresa Bustamante; ETNA Motors, Inc. and Mt. Sinai Motors Corp. President Anthony Cheng; SPH Vice President and General Manager for Automobile Division Shuzo Hoshikura; SPH Assistant to the General Manager Kennosuke Ouchi; ETNA Motors, Inc. and Mt. Sinai Motors Corp. Executive Vice President Mike Ang Tan during the inauguration of Suzuki Auto Taytay.
Suzuki Auto Taytay is equipped with a built-in café and a kiddie corner for better customer experience.

Pioneer compact car distributor Suzuki Philippines (SPH) continues to strengthen its foothold in the country with the inauguration of Suzuki Auto Taytay in Eastern Luzon. Initially a 1S satellite showroom in SM Taytay handling only sales, the new 3S dealership now serves as a one-stop shop that also offers spare parts and service.

The opening of Suzuki Auto Taytay comes on the heels of a successful first quarter for the company, which posted the highest year-to-date vehicle sales increase in the entire local automotive industry.

Shuzo Hoshikura, SPH vice president and general manager for Automobile, has only positive outlook for the company for the months ahead.

“We at Suzuki Philippines are grateful for the continued success we have been reaping these past years. All these are because of the constant support of our beloved customers and partners. As said before, SPH will be more assertive in reinforcing our market presence, especially outside Metro Manila, to reach more Filipino motorists across the Philippines. We will continue to exhaust all strategies and resources to be able to deliver to our valued customers only the best-quality products and services,” shared Hoshikura.

Suzuki Auto Taytay: 3S with value added

The Suzuki Auto Taytay was officially inaugurated last April 27, but it has been in operation since August last year. The 37th 3S Suzuki Automobile Dealer to date, the Taytay dealership offers motorists one-stop-shop assistance covering sales, spare parts and services to meet all their vehicle needs.

The dealership features the first ever built-in café to provide customers with a place to relax or eat while they wait for their purchased Suzuki unit or for the vehicle to be serviced. The kiddie corner, which is present in all Suzuki dealerships, is likewise available. These deviations from traditional dealership setups are part of Suzuki’s efforts to provide clients with the best customer service and experience.

Strategically located along the Manila East Road, Barangay San Juan in Taytay Rizal, Suzuki Auto Taytay brings well-loved Suzuki vehicles and services more accessible to drivers and residents in the area.

Anthony N. Cheng, president of the ETNA Motors, Inc. and Mt. Sinai Motors Corp., which manages the Suzuki Auto Taytay, is optimistic for the dealership. “Since we started our operations middle of last year, Suzuki Auto Taytay has been performing well. Its location is a great factor, especially as more investors and traders move to Taytay, partly in response to the gradual shift in the city from agricultural to commercial and industrial. As such, we expect to maintain, if not improve, the performance of the dealership going forward.”


About Suzuki Philippines Incorporated

Suzuki Philippine Incorporated is a wholly-owned Japanese multinational firm highly recognized in the automotive industry. The company specializes in the manufacture and sale of motorcycle and distribution of compact vehicles.

Suzuki has established its reputation worldwide for quality, versatility, and innovation and has created a heritage of trust and reliability.

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