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A Night at the Spotify House: Where Music Finds You

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The leading audio platform recently opened its doors to the Spotify House, a space where an exclusive crowd of audio lovers discovered and danced to the best of Spotify’s music. It brought together artists such as Adie, Ace Banzuelo and Arthur Nery, hip-hop artist Nik Makino, indie singer and rapper Mito Curtis, and notable influencers like Rei Germar, Marina Summers, Ria Atayde, Evan Tan, LA Aguinaldo, Patricia Prieto, Chi Gibbs, Yanyan de Jesus, Marj Maroket and Bella Racelis.

LA Aguinaldo (left) and Benedict Cua (right) posing in front of Spotify House’s “press play” passage
Butta B playing her coolest remixes to hype the crowd
Jeremy Zucker captivating the crowd with his music
Top (L-R) Jae Miranda, Nicki Morena, Kevin Montillano, Kerwin King, Ady Cotoco; Bottom (L-R) Evan Tan, Aaron Maniego and Ayn Bernos pose for a photo during Jeremy Zucker’s performance

DJ Butta B kicked off the night by setting the stage ablaze. Host Dani Mortel then fueled the anticipation and introduced the surprise main act — Multi-Platinum Certified singer, songwriter and producer Jeremy Zucker. Everyone was swept away by his performances of chart-topping hits like “comethru” and “you were good to me.”

The Spotify House finally unveiled its three music rooms: Hip-Hop, Nostalgia and Rave. Each room is designed to capture Spotify’s in-app listening experience, where the right sounds and beats can find you at every turn.

PLAYERTWO setting the Hip-Hop room on fire
Bella Racelis enjoying the Hip-Hop room’s energy

The Hip-Hop room pulsed with the energy of Spotify’s Kalye playlist, capturing the vibrant essence of the streets. Davao’s own PLAYERTWO delivered their sickest rhythms and lyrics, including crowd favorites like “THAT’S MY BABY” and “TIKTIKTOKIN.”

SVGT electrifying the Rave room
(L-R) Social media stars Marvin Fojas, Bella Racelis, Raiza Contawi, Ry Velasco, and Benedict Cua livin’ it up inside the Rave room

Inspired by Spotify’s high-octane planet rave playlist, others let loose in the Rave room by St. Vincent & The Grenadines, where they were treated to an onslaught of sick beats in trippy lights.

Aaron Maniego sings along in the Nostalgia Room
Chi Gibbs rocking some OPM hits

In the Nostalgia room, guests embraced their inner stars where they got their OPM Rock Hits karaoke fix, belting out timeless hits. It was a night of nostalgic sing-alongs and birit sprees that echoed.

CRWN energizing the crowd through midnight
Spotted at the Spotify House: (L-R) Gab Idos, Gab Gutierrez, IC Mendoza, Cheenie Buenavida, Nicko Sia, Shine Dee, Ydan Yotoko

Past midnight, you can still hear the crowd moving to the mixes of CRWN. The Spotify House became more than just a physical space; it brought to life what Spotify has to offer — great music and good vibes — you just need to press play.

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