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Airbnb Sees Strong Travel Rebound in PH, Nights Booked Doubled in 2022 from 2020

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Airbnb has recently revealed that nights booked in the Philippines more than doubled last year from 2020, with the country ranking as the #1 travel destination among locals in 2022*.

Traveling with loved ones is on the rise in the Philippines as travel continues to be an avenue for many to connect with families and barkadas, especially during longer holidays and local festivals. While travel in pairs made for the most common booking type for Filipinos on Airbnb, group travel saw a significant surge, with nights booked jumping by almost 180 percent year-on-year in 2022*. The average length of stay for guests on Airbnb was approximately three nights*.

Filipinos are also expanding their travel horizons and eager to explore destinations both near and far. The United States and Canada ranked first and second, respectively, on Filipinos’ most booked overseas destinations on Airbnb while popular Asia Pacific destinations Japan, Korea and Thailand rounded out the top five*. Last year, Filipinos’ most booked overseas cities were Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, New York and Toronto*.

Concurrently, international travelers are planning their overseas getaways with renewed enthusiasm, with many eyeing tropical island destinations such as the Philippines. Notably, the United States also ranked as the #1 country of origin for international Airbnb guests in the Philippines last year, followed by Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Korea.*

Summer travel is on the rise

Filipinos are undeniably raring to travel this summer, especially as the Philippine government announced a five-day long weekend during the Holy Week. Notably, Airbnb has seen almost 400 percent growth in searches for stays in the Philippines**.

The top five most searched cities this summer by Filipino travelers are: Santa Maria in Bulacan, Malay in Aklan, Baguio City in Benguet, Cebu City in Cebu and Pasay City in Manila***. Meanwhile, Manila emerged as the most sought-after domestic destination for international travelers, followed by popular travel hotspots Cebu City, Malay and El Nido****.

Group-friendly villas on Airbnb include Vendali Villa and Asteria Villa in Santa Maria

Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb’s general manager for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said, “With the Philippines aiming to become a tourism powerhouse in Asia in the next few years, we are delighted to see the current travel rebound across the country. Traveling with loved ones remains a significant priority for Filipinos, and Airbnb is well-placed to welcome travelers with our variety of unique stays at all price points. The enthusiasm among Filipinos and international travelers alike to visit the country’s amazing beaches, experience the richness of Philippine culture and enjoy world-renowned Filipino hospitality, is extremely encouraging. It means more tourism dollars flowing into more communities, which in turn supports more local businesses and jobs. We are committed to working closely with the government and industry stakeholders to support and further drive travel as it returns.”

*Based on internal Airbnb data for 2022

**Based on searches made in 2022 for check-ins between 1 Mar – 30 Apr 2023 compared to the same period in 2022

***Based on growth in searches for Philippine cities made in Q42022 for check-ins between 1 Mar – 30 April 2023 by domestic travelers in the Philippines

****Based on growth in searches for Philippine cities made in Q42022 for check-ins between 1 Mar – 30 April 2023 by international travelers in the Philippines

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