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Alchemy Stars: Character and Team Composition Novice Guide

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Alchemy Stars, the revolutionary line strategy RPG, has gained more than 2 million global downloads within just two weeks of its launch, thanks to the overwhelming support from fellow Navigators. It has also announced that it is now working to make Indonesian and Thai available on the game very soon!

Each character in Alchemy Stars has its own specialty: Detonator, Sniper, Converter or Support. These specialties will determine how you will build your team composition based on the role of the characters.

The role of each character can be categorized to Detonator, units that specialize in dealing large AOE damage to multiple targets around them with proper chain combo; Sniper, high damage single-hitting units that can snipe down targets from longer ranges; Converter, units that can change the tile’s color with their active skills; and Support, which can either heal, provide 2x Combo, shield buff or even depuff enemies with stun, poison, burn, bleed and other effects.

In terms of building a team in this game, a mono color team is preferable because it has better damage output and sustainability as five of your units attack together if you trigger the right color tiles. Duo color teams are acceptable for their flexibility due to element counter but rainbow teams are highly discouraged.

An example of a Thunder Mono Team

The general team composition should have one main damage dealer (DPS), one Support healer and one Converter. Those are the main units that help you breeze through most of the stages. DPS (Damage Per Second) units are responsible for damage output and are normally placed as team captain as they will always trigger attack regardless of tile color. Healers will keep you alive and are strongly recommended to have especially for Secret Territories, while Converters will turn the tiles into your team color to help you achieve a better chain combo. The fourth and fifth units are highly suggested to have a teleporter who can help reposition whenever players get into a tricky situation and a second Converter because an extra pair will always come in handy.

More information for building a Thunder Team

Tencent Games, the official developer of Alchemy Stars, is giving out Dayna, a decent DPS unit for a Thunder team, to those who will log in to the game and complete 10 quests in the time-limited growth quest.

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