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Alibaba Rolls Out New Edition of Netpreneur Training Program in PH

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Alibaba Global Initiatives (AGI), a professional training arm of Alibaba Group, will launch a new edition of its Alibaba Netpreneur Training program in the Philippines focused on harnessing digital technology.

The four-week program is supported by QBO Innovation Hub, the country’s​ first public-private partnership platform for local start-ups, regional venture capital firm Gobi Partners via its Gobi-Core Philippine Fund (“Core Capital”) and leadership development organization JCI Manila. It will include a series of online classes to support local entrepreneurs across different sectors in leveraging digital technology to grow their businesses within the local economy.

Scheduled to run from July 12 to August 16, the latest edition of the Alibaba Netpreneur Training continues AGI’s efforts to equip entrepreneurs and business leaders with tangible and actionable steps they can take to advance in the digital economy. AGI has trained 150 entrepreneurs in the Philippines through this program since its launch last year.

This year’s curriculum will offer a more dedicated focus on post-pandemic online commerce trends such as cross-border shopping and other digital economy developments to align with businesses’ growing pivot toward e-commerce and their needs to navigate this changing landscape.

“With companies taking to online channels to keep business running during the pandemic, digitalization is no longer a foreign concept to entrepreneurs. The next stage is how to turn digital advancements into our best advantage for the future. We hope this enhanced edition of our Alibaba Netpreneur Training will help entrepreneurs in the Philippines develop long-term, savvier digital strategies that will open up more e-commerce opportunities for them,” said Dan Liu, senior advisor at Alibaba Global Initiatives.

“The Philippines’ digital economy has experienced massive transformation since the beginning of 2020. As the country pivots toward digitalization, the start-up and tech landscape has grown to be more competitive and proactive, with entrepreneurs harnessing solutions in the real, post-pandemic world. This is why we at QBO Innovation Hub are thrilled to support Alibaba Global Initiatives once again for the Alibaba Netpreneur Training program. This opportunity prepares Filipino entrepreneurs with the necessary training, support and mentorship they need to explore innovative solutions,” said Katrina Rausa Chan, executive director at Ideaspace Foundation Inc.

“We are thrilled to welcome and partner once again with the Alibaba Global Initiatives, especially as the Alibaba Netpreneur Training program has been an incredibly beneficial experience for the local digital and tech ecosystem. We are also pleased by the addition of JCI Manila, Asia’s oldest and premier business and development organization for young individuals. Our premier and independent fund, the Gobi-Core fund, is designed to support the new wave of Philippine entrepreneurs, and this continuous partnership with Alibaba and the combined outreach of JCI Manila will allow us to uncover the most inspiring and talented upcoming entrepreneurs here in the Philippines,” said Carlo Delantar, founding partner at Core Capital (Gobi-Core PH Fund) and head of circular economy at Gobi Partners.

The Alibaba Netpreneur Training program will be conducted online in English by certified Alibaba trainers and business leaders who have had experience leading their own digital businesses to success. Participants can look forward to deepening their knowledge and understanding of:

  • The digital economy in China and the latest trends and practices shaping its development
  • The journey of select traditional businesses that have successfully gone through digital transformation
  • The evolution of Alibaba’s business, including the role of digital technology in supporting the growth of companies in its ecosystem
  • Frameworks and approaches for building a successful and innovative business in today’s digital world

“The Netpreneur training was a life-changing experience that affirmed my belief in my company’s potential to help drive the digitalization of the Philippines. In addition to gaining a better understanding the digital landscape, I acquired insights into how Alibaba built its corporate culture from the ground up, which I have been able to apply to develop more meaningful mission statements and values for my own company,” said Steve Sy, founder and CEO of Great Deals E-Commerce Corp., an e-commerce enabler, who took part in the Alibaba Netpreneur Training last year. Great Deals E-Commerce Corp. was recognized by The Financial Times as the fastest-growing company in the Asia Pacific this year.

For Georgianna Carlos, founder of Fetch! Naturals, a pet care brand that prides itself on using natural ingredients, the training program offered an opportunity to bounce back strong from the pandemic. “The pandemic and on-and-off lockdowns hindered a number of our plans and we were stumped on how to find other avenues for growth. Joining Alibaba’s Netpreneur Training program helped us to revamp and realign our mission and vision with our bigger brand objective, which are the foundations for a strong business. We also gained a lot of useful insights that we are applying right now to streamline our product lines and social media strategies — these have helped us to truly meet our customers’ needs in a highly competitive digital business space.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to the Southeast Asia market, AGI and Lazada will also incorporate a region-specific session into the program, providing participants with insights into opportunities available in the local digital commerce sector.

Participants who complete the program will receive an e-certificate and will be eligible to join the AGI entrepreneur community. The community is enriched with a diverse mix of passionate and successful like-minded entrepreneurs and provides unmatched opportunities to network, collaborate and learn.

Outstanding participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a one-week offline immersion program at Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou, China, subject to fulfilling the online course criteria.

Applications for this program are open until July 1. For more information on the enrollment criteria, the full program details and how to register, please visit:

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