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#AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto Campaign Spurs More Filipinos to Register with Deadline Extended

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Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines bolsters its #AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto. campaign initiatives to encourage more Filipinos to register with voter registration extended until October 30.

To make way for the filing of certificates of candidacy, voter registration will be temporarily put on hold from October 1 to 8 but will resume on October 11 and last until the end of the month. Registration sites will be open from 8AM to 5PM, Mondays through Fridays, with no Saturday schedules except on the last day (October 30). Eligible voters may fill out the registration form on the COMELEC website or visit the nearest local election office.

As it continues to harness digital platforms to shore up campaign efforts, JCI Philippines, the first nationally organized leadership development organization established in Asia, has lined up an online leadership training for the general public. The recently held first session, A Talk with Thought Leaders, was a Facebook live event featuring leaders and experts from different industries. The 3-hour session covered topics such as business innovation and digital transformation, family relationships and mental health, estate planning and real estate.

Asian Institute of Management Associate Prof. Richard Anthony Cruz, Relationship Counselor Elyn Inocencio-Aracid, National President of the Philippines Association of Realty Consultants and Specialists Atty. Rey Cartojano, and B&L Properties Representative Regina Naguiat talked about Business Innovation and Digital Transformation, Family Relationship and Mental Health, Estate Planning for Filipinos During The Pandemic, and Real Estate: Renting or Buying, respectively, during the A Talk with Thought Leaders.

JCI Philippines is also set to kick off its Emerging Leaders program, which aims to help the youth develop leadership skills and learn the principles of building positive relationship. It will also guide them in improving decision making, priority setting, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. The first Emerging Leaders session is scheduled for the last week of October and will include eight to 10 trainers. The main topics will be streamed live on Facebook while other workshops will be conducted over Zoom. Plans are afoot to make this a quarterly initiative beginning next year.

JCI will also be launching other online interactive activities such as trivia nights, a digital art competition and raffles to engage more netizens.

Getting netizens engaged

To reach more Filipinos, in particular the youth, JCI Philippines has been onboarding social media personalities in the #AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto. campaign.

A recent episode of Tito Tuesdays, the campaign’s weekly podcast on Facebook, featured Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 Grand Champion Janine Berdin. The It’s Showtime personality joined hosts Dyard Magsipoc and Glenn Dasmarinas in discussing why young people should register to vote. Berdin also shared her registration experience, admitting that she was unequipped with the necessary information when she intended to register after turning 18 last year. She said the accessibility of information online was helpful in understanding the procedure and completing the registration process.

#AmbagKo campaign’s Tito Tuesdays hosts Glenn Dasmarinas and Dyard Magsipoc discuss with singer and songwriter Janine Berdin Gen Z’s POV on registration and voting amid the pandemic.

Other social media influencers have been joining #AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto. campaign as well. Jae Miranda, a fan-favorite TikToker, shared a photo of his purple thumb mark on his Facebook page with the caption: “With Filipinos 18 to 35 years old numbering 40 million or 37 percent of the entire electorate eligible to vote in 2022, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority and COMELEC, millennial and Gen Z Filipinos play a key role in shaping the future of the Philippines.”

TikTok star Jae Miranda gives JCI Philippines a big shoutout and support for #AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto on Facebook.

COMELEC reported it has processed 63 million voters for next year’s elections, including 5 million new registrants, 871,000 individuals reactivating their data and 3.2 million who applied for transfer of voter data. While the total number of registered voters to date is higher than the 59 million target, it is still 10 million short of the Philippine Statistics Authority’s projected voting population.[1]

Learn more about the #AmbagKo Rehistro. Boto campaign. Visit its website at and follow its pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to catch updates, weekly podcasts and live sessions.


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