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A How-to Guide on Picking out Your First Smartphone

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Why does choosing a smartphone these days seem so overwhelming? That’s because you’re drowning in a sea of information and devices and out of so many different products out there today – you only need to catch one fish.

There are a few important things to keep in mind before diving into getting your first smartphone. These three fail-safe  tips will help you swim and navigate through the mobile market and lead you to your first smartphone:

Step 1: Identify what you need

Figure out why you need a smartphone in the first place. These gadgets exist to serve specific audiences for specific purposes. Know your needs because they will help you weigh your options. Do you want to use it for browsing the Internet? For checking emails or to access social media sites?

Ideally, people buy a smartphone so that they can do more on-the-go. Some use it for business. Some simply like to take selfies and stay connected with friends. Others use it for entertainment – watch videos, play games, and listen to music.

Remember, be specific.

You can’t just say you want a smartphone that does everything. You need to narrow things down and focus. You may want a smartphone for watching videos. You may want to play games. By doing so, you can identify the specs for your needs.

For watching videos, a wide screen smartphone fits the bill. A 4.5-inch screen such as the Lenovo A516 provides a good movie experience with its 178-degree wide viewing angle. This smartphone has up to 23 hours of non-stop talking time. Half of your problem is solved.

The other half is to find one that will allow you to play graphics-intensive games like 3D racing or zombie survival action games. This means you need a smartphone that runs a heavy-duty CPU. A movie junkie/game addict will love the Lenovo A859. It sports a 5.5 inch screen display and runs on 1.3GHz quad core CPU with 4GB internal memory.

How does being specific help you? Eliminated from your list are all smartphones without the specs that you need. By now, you should have shortlisted your options.

Step 2:  Set a Budget

You want a smartphone that has more bang for the buck. Why? Because that’s your hard earned money. Now that you know the features you need, it is easier know your budget.

Don’t overspend. But don’t buy an entry-level device that you’ll regret later. Research and find out the price range of each smartphone on your list. You can do this over the Internet. Get the average price to have a rough estimate.

Set a budget that is reasonable for you.

More expensive doesn’t automatically mean more quality. There are affordable smartphones that don’t cut corners.

For instance, the Lenovo A269i gives you the basic functionalities of a smartphone but doesn’t break the bank. At PHP2,999, you get a dual-SIM smartphone powered by 1GHz dual core of CPU that runs Android Gingerbread, 256MB of RAM, 2 megapixel rear camera and 512 MB and 512 MB internal storage. There are a lot of affordable smartphones out there. You simply need to know where to look.

Now you have a budget for a smartphone with the desired specs. With this amount in mind, you have to eliminate candidates from your list that go way above your budget. Again, your choices will be cut down into few.

Step 3:  Get Acquainted with the Units

Now you are just a step away from your first smartphone. The deciding factor will all depend on your experience when you get acquainted with the units. Don’t neglect this part of the buying process. Go to a mobile store and check out the phones on your list. Make sure to play around with them. Know your future smartphone.

Take your time.

Figure out the physical features of the smartphone that you prefer. Does the phone comfortably fit your hand? If your hand is small, a smartphone that has 4-inch screen display may be more appealing to you. Are the keys and touch panels responsive? Perhaps the Lenovo A369i warrants your attention. Its 1.3GHz dual core processor will let you enjoy a speedy, smooth gaming and multi-tasking.

Do you like the overall look of the phone? See how it feels in your hand, in your pocket and in your purse. Find the right size for you. Check the ergonomics. Can your thumb or index finger reach the power button? Can you press the important buttons (if any)? Test these units. They will more or less give you an idea of its performance.

With these three steps to follow, picking your first smartphone should be simple and practical like the Lenovo A Series. It will give you “value for money” without compromising the quality. It will be your most valued accessory.

Good luck on your hunt!


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Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$34 billion personal technology company – the largest PC maker worldwide and an emerging PC Plus leader – serving customers in more than 160 countries. Dedicated to exceptionally engineered PCs and mobile internet devices, Lenovo’s business is built on product innovation, a highly-efficient global supply chain and strong strategic execution.  Formed by Lenovo Group’s acquisition of the former IBM Personal Computing Division, the Company develops, manufactures and markets reliable, high-quality, secure and easy-to-use technology products and services. Its product lines include legendary Think-branded commercial PCs and Idea-branded consumer PCs, as well as servers, workstations, and a family of mobile internet devices, including tablets and smart phones. Lenovo, a global Fortune 500 company, has major research centers in Yamato, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Raleigh, North Carolina.  For more information see

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