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Capture Life’s Best Moments and the Night’s Striking Colors with vivo V25 Series

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Gone are the days when only people with professional cameras could capture special moments in good-quality photographs. Today, anyone with a smartphone can create vivid images of all those moments.

For those searching for smartphones with advanced camera features, look no further: vivo’s latest flagship-level smartphones, the vivo V25 Series, can surely take your snapshot game to the next level.

Here are the top features of vivo’s #NightPortraitMaster — the vivo V25 Series — that will help you capture life’s best moments in detail from sunup to sundown.

64MP main camera

Since the release of the vivo V25 Series, vivo has been highlighting the device’s 64MP HD ultra-sensing lens. And why not?

This feature produces brilliant images and videos and supports Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), allowing users to shoot steadier footage and improve low-light camera performance. What’s even better is that you can combine the OIS hardware with the EIS software algorithm to achieve Hybrid Image Stabilization, which then helps you shoot every detail and color — even during nighttime — with spectacular stability.

Bokeh flair portrait

For sure, one of the reasons why you photograph your life’s memorable moments is to be able to relive and vividly recall them in the future.

The vivo V25 Series has a dynamic portrait feature that allows whatever life scenarios or whoever you photograph to stand out. It blurs out the background to give you state-of-the-art portraits, even in poorly lit conditions.

Real-time extreme night vision

Low-light settings shouldn’t stop you from capturing moments you want to keep for a lifetime. For this, vivo has equipped the vivo V25 Series’ high-end variant, the vivo V25 Pro, with advanced night camera features to allow you to capture night scenes in stunning detail. It supports Real-Time Extreme Night Vision, which improves brightness and reduces unwanted noise to deliver crisp and clear night portraits.

With this feature, you can preview your night shot and adjust the image brightness level and exposure intensity to capture the night’s highlights the way you want.

Super night algorithm

Another dependable night feature of the vivo V25 Pro is its Super Night Algorithm.

Thanks to its RAW HDR 3.0 algorithm, the Super Night Algorithm accurately restores night colors for clear and true-to-life night shots. So whether you’re up for some sundown stroll documentation or simply want to photograph the beauty of the night sky, trust that the colors and purity of your subject will be well captured with your vivo V25 Pro.

Time lapse

Although widely loved by photographers around the world, time lapse isn’t always easy to achieve as it often needs professional equipment.

As a mobile photography innovator, vivo ensures users will enjoy the vivo V25 Pro and vivo V25 built-in time lapse. vivo has replaced the frame extraction method used in most smartphones with a new photo sequencing method, improving the dynamic range, performance in low light and overall image quality of time-lapse footage. Now, you can easily create stunning videos of a city transitioning from day to night and night to day with just one tap.

Eye AF selfie

Portraits taken with the vivo V25 Series front lens won’t compromise your photo quality. vivo has made sure that the device’s front and rear cameras capture images in sharp detail.

vivo equipped the vivo V25 Series with the 32 MP Eye AF Selfie (vivo V25 Pro) and 50MP Eye AF Selfie (vivo V25) that provide a wide array of filters to enhance the overall selfie texture. The vivo V25 Series advanced AutoFocus technology also comes with an upgraded Natural HD Portrait, which delivers detail-rich selfies and portraits.

Impressive mobile photography features and more

Apart from the powerful camera features of the V25 series, vivo made sure that these new devices pack as much power in other departments.

Pumped up by the latest 66W FastCharge (vivo V25 Pro) and 44W FastCharge (vivo V25 and vivo V25e) features, the high-intensity batteries of the new V25 devices offer bigger battery power at a much faster charging time. To ensure that this power is maximized even more, vivo equipped the vivo V25 Pro with a 12GB+8GB extended RAM complemented by 256GB ROM to allow users to enjoy fast and smooth performance even with multiple apps running in the background.

A true technological beauty both inside and out, all of the vivo V25 series’ outstanding features are enclosed in an ultra-thin body designed with vivo’s innovative color-changing technology, the Photochromic 2.0. This technology allows the Flourite AG Glass back panel of the vivo V25 series devices to change colors when exposed to sunlight or UV light.

Now available nationwide, the vivo V25 Pro is priced at PHP29,999 while the vivo V25 and the vivo V25e list at PHP23,999 and PHP17,999, respectively. Filipino fans can purchase the V25 Series on vivo’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and all vivo stores and kiosks.

For more information on vivo’s latest news and updates, please head to vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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