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We’re all about breaking the mold. And we’re looking for same-minded people. If you’re full of ideas, unafraid to innovate, driven and a team player, then you’re invited to join the party. Impress us with your credentials. Show us what you can do.

Account Manager

An an account manager, you will be wearing multiple hats. You will develop and nurture long-term relationships with clients while serving as the face of Ardent and leading your team. Clients can be demanding so your people and project management skills must be spectacular, as should your product and industry knowledge. You must be a strategist, able to plan how to get from point A to point B and make it happen within budget. You will lead and guide your team, setting the team’s direction, overseeing activities and helping them qualify prospects and pitch proposals. If you are looking to challenge yourself and break into a competitive but rewarding industry, this is the job for you. Apply now.

SeNior Account executive

This is for you if you like meeting people and going out into the field. If you are bored with a desk job, then get out there where you can be most productive. You live only once so don’t be a bystander and instead be the tip of the spear that brings home the bacon. You’ll act as an important link between the agency and our clients. You will understand your client’s goals and mobilize teams to develop effective campaigns. You will be pitching ideas to decision-makers. Being a good communicator and having the ability to overcome barriers will serve you well in this job where creativity and forward thinking win the day. Apply now.

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