As account manager you will be wearing multiple hats. You will develop and nurture long term relationships with vital clients, being comfortable as the face of Ardent. You must be a strategist, able to plan how to get from point A to point B, and make it happen within budget. You will often communicate with clients and give them updates. They can be demanding so your people skills must be on par. An intricate product knowledge is key to success. You will also help your team pitch proposals to prospects. You will help and guide your team so that they can effectively look for leads, qualify prospects and close deals. You will set the teams direction, pacing and provide marching orders. You will also oversee and ensure that all campaigns are being rolled out and delivering expectations. Campaigns should be monitored daily and, if needed, deploy a team to resolve the concern. If you are looking to challenge yourself, and break into a competitive but rewarding industry then this job is for you. Apply now.

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