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Cement firms help make roads safer

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Manila, Philippines. January 21, 2015 – Out of the 3,000 road accidents the Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) recorded for the first two months of 2014 alone, almost 17% or 530 involved trucks. Knowing such accidents may have been prevented, the Cement Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines (CeMAP), the organization of local cement producers, recently held its 3rd annual summit entitled “Road Safety: Staying on the Right Track” in Cebu City.

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The conference discussed the current best practices in road transportation management. CeMAP President Ernesto Ordoñez shares, “Over 55,000 tons of cement products are transported along our roads every day. With that much exposure on the road, we must ensure that our people and everyone else will always be on the safe side every inch of the way.”

With risks involved during transport, local cement firms employ various programs like journey and fatigue management for drivers. The companies strictly monitor and control their drivers’ working hours, offer regular health checks and drug tests, implement proper diet and exercise programs, and provide rest facilities among others.  Competency testing, personnel qualification and training, regular maintenance check of transport vehicles, and emergency preparedness and response training are likewise done to ensure safety on the road.



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