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Chevron Donates Locally Sourced Produce from Farmers to 80 Families

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Food safety and security are some of the main concerns brought about by COVID-19, affecting local farmers’ livelihood and remote employees’ quest for a healthier lifestyle and zero food waste.

Chevron seeks to fill the gaps by buying organic farm products from local sources and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The project called Oh, My Gulay saw Chevron donating farm produce to 80 families in Barangay Pagibig sa Nayon, Quezon City. The vegetables were bought from farmers in Pampanga and Nueva Ecija.

The activity was sponsored by the Caltex Makati Credit Cooperative Union; Chevron Holdings Inc. (CHI), the company’s global shared services center; and Chevron Philippines Inc., marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants.

Chevron employees also joined an online class about preparing healthy dishes and preserving the nutrients of vegetables and fruits with no food waste. About 136 employees of both CPI and CHI joined the workshop by YouTuber and influencer Chef Joy Escobar. The virtual class aims to raise awareness about eating healthy while buying locally to support farmers and businesses.

The project is one of the activities featured in Chevron’s annual Volunteer Week, which encourages employees to volunteer time and resources to help disadvantaged communities.

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