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Climb up the Leaderboard with ViewSonic Gaming Monitors

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ViewSonic Gaming Monitor

Manila, Philippines —ViewSonic® today introduced a new family of exciting gaming monitors that will surely take the Philippine gaming world by storm.

The new monitors— ViewSonic® XG2401,  ViewSonic® XG3202-C and ViewSonic® XG2703-GS— all offer vivid and crystal-clear visuals, blazingly fast variable refresh rates, unbelievably quick response times, fully customizable Game Mode settings, Black Stabilization feature for higher visibility even in dark scenes,  Low Input Lag for seamless viewing experiences, and flexible connectivity options, to level up the gaming experience.

The ViewSonic® XG2401:Blazingly fast and feature-packed

Avid gamers will salivate with excitement with ViewSonic® XG2401, a 24-inch full HD (1920×1080 resolution) monitor that outspeeds today’s 60Hz displays by 2.4x with its incredible 144Hz per second refresh rate and 1ms response time while delivering smooth movements, crisp edges, and visual clarity. Perfect for fast-paced racing adventures and first-person shooter (FPS) games, ViewSonic® XG2401 has an ultra-fast 1ms liquid crystal response time, which translates to ultra-smooth, blurless images and videos. The monitor also features a low input lag offering decreased signal latency from graphics cards to the display, for a seamless viewing experience.

ViewSonic® XG2401’s FreeSync technology selects the best refresh rate, response time, and lowest input lag for FPS games. Gamers can optimize visuals through pre-calibrated and user-customized Game Modes, and even customize settings to suit their own preferences. ViewSonic® XG2401’s Black Stabilization function allows them to see their enemies clearly even in dark scenes— gamers can definitely gain competitive advantage with an advanced dynamic contrast ratio that translates to sharper and clearer images.

Gamers can keep on playing for long hours with ViewSonic® XG2401’s Flicker-Free technology and Blue Light Filter, which help reduce eye strain during extended use. They can also use DisplayPort, HDMI, and integrated USB connection inputs for enhanced flexibility in connecting to various game consoles, Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, and other high-definition gadgets.  ViewSonic® XG2401 also has a VESA-mountable design, which allows gamers to place the monitor on top of an upright monitor stand or attach it to a wall mount.

The ViewSonic® XG3202-C: Curved for better viewing

Gamers can finally remove “viewing constraints” from their list of gaming frustrations: ViewSonic® XG3202-C offers a panoramic, wide-field view of the gaming landscape with a 1800R screen curvature that is perfect for racing, going FPS, or playing wide-scene games.

Gamers can finally react to opponents’ moves in real time, thanks to ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s 144Hz referesh rate and XG3202-C’s Low Input Lag, which  dramatically decreases delays in graphic-intense sequences during fierce gaming battles. The monitor features visual fluidity, for an unparalleled graphic experience. Users can also experience smoother play even when they are playing at the speed of flight with AMD FreeSync™ technology, which removes image tearing, stuttering and jerkiness.

Gamers can enjoy color and brightness consistency at any vantage point, thanks to ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s 1080p SuperClear® VA Panel technology. ViewSonic® XG3202-C’s dual integrated speakers also offer superb audio clarity, for an enriched audiovisual gaming experience.

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS: Intense play that knows no bounds

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS is a boon for hard-core gamers who love to set their graphic settings to the max: designed for entertainment and gaming, its 2560×1440 WQHD SuperClear® IPS-type panel guarantees enhanced color accuracy and greater viewing angles.  Fierce gaming battles with family and friends are more fun with ViewSonic® XG2703-GS’s NVIDIA G-Sync technology, unbelievable 165Hz refresh rate, and the  NVIDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology, which virtually eliminate screen tears or stutters during fast-paced action sequences.

ViewSonic® XG2703-GS also features a gamer-inspired ergonomic stand with an integrated headphone hook, cable management and LED lighting function, so gamers can play with absolute impunity– they won’t even have to worry about bothersome wire entanglements that can cause them to lose focus.

Availability and pricing scheme

ViewSonic® XG2401 is now available in the Philippines in ViewSonic® distributors and dealers nationwide at P17,700. ViewSonic® XG3202-C and ViewSonic® XG2703-GS will soon be arriving in the Philippine market.

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