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Events Management

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Events Management

ArdentComm is the events management company that can give your customers the brand experience you always wanted them to have. A professionally managed event allows you to extent your brand persona or corporate values to your clients, business partners, employees and investors. Events say more than just the theme on the backdrop or the tagline in the souvenir program. Events project the image of a successful brand and a confident company.  Your attendees have to feel and see the utmost level of care that their importance to your bottom line deserves. Our professional events team understand the big picture. They will deliver events that bring results.

As a PR firm at heart, we start from the perspective of communication. An event is a communications tool at its very core. It should have one key message. A good events management company knows how to bring laser-like focus to your key message.  That’s why before we get creative, we get the strategy laid down solid.

We have the experience to put the strategic, tactical and creative components together and make it work. We have been doing events since 1997. That’s over 17 years of experience under our belt. We‘ve done sporting events, concerts, conferences and seminars. We’re also familiar with the more intimate round table discussions, forums, and focus group discussions. We also do up close like one-one-one interviews, product samplings, merchandising and promotions. If it’s an event, then we’ve done it.

We are structured for speed, agility and service. Our flat organizational framework allows us to turn on a dime and allocate resources and manpower where they are needed. We also leverage services from our other teams. Our events management team is complimented by our direct-marketing team. The latter helps drive RSVP and give your audience VIP treatment from our telemarketers. To give your event more impact beyond those present, our PR Team can extend the radius of awareness through publicity and out-of-home ads. Ardent’s Digital Team can keep the guests buzzing about your event in social networks event after they’ve returned to their offices.

Few events management companies can offer the unique perspectives of communicators and synergized services for your events. We may be experienced but we are not old. We know how to apply today’s technology to market your events.  And if you want fuss free events, take it to us. Take advantage of our services – publicity, direct-marketing, social media – because we are not afraid to use whatever you need for a successful event.

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