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Experience true innovation with the Elecom Mouse

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Keeping up with today’s digital life is mainly about having the right tools on hand. And Japanese solutions provider Elecom tries to help digital savvy millennials stay ahead of the pack, whether in gaming, work or even school with the new Elecom mouse lineup, including Elecom’s commemorative “egg mouse”, which boasts an ultra-lightweight design and innovative features befitting today’s era.

Whether playing games, crafting work presentations or finishing reports, one can definitely find the right Elecom mouse to complement his mobility needs.

Work on the go with the M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth Mouse

M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth Mouse

Professionals who wish they can bring along their PC mouse when they have to work on the go need look no further.  At 30 grams together with the batteries, the M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth Mouse weighs as light as a single screw and can easily fit into the laptop bag without much fuss while maintaining the performance and durability features of a normal mouse.

Professionals can work for longer hours too, thanks to the M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth Mouse’s fatigue-resistant, hand-friendly design. With so much to do in so little time, they will definitely feel relieved at the prospect of not wasting so much time charging it: The M-EG30 Egg Lightweight Bluetooth Mouse can last for about two months in a single charge, making it ideal for professionals’ everyday on-the-go use. 

The ultra lightweight Bluetooth mouse also has an Infrared LED for low-powered consumption and a built-in power switch that prevents battery drain, allowing professionals to maximize the mouse’s battery life and tackle day-to-day work challenges with optimum productivity.

Work silently with the M-IR07DRS Wireless Infrared Mouse

Not even the school librarian will be pursing her lips in disapproval: The M-IR07DRS Wireless Infrared Mouse is silent to a fault, perfect for use in places requiring minimal noise. Students cramming their papers inside the library will be able to keep noise levels down conveniently and effortlessly, thanks to the mouse’s built-in silent switch.

M-IR07DRS Wireless Infrared Mouse

But the mouse boasts more than just silence: With the M-IR07DRS Wireless Infrared Mouse’s built-in power switch and infrared LED, students won’t have the worry about their mouse dying on them while they work. And they can even enjoy battery that can impressively last as long as 2.5 years without charging. The M-IR07DRS Wireless Infrared Mouse also features a small and easily storable USB micro receiver, for connecting mobile devices.

Play hard with the M-DT1URBK DEFT Wired Trackball Mouse

M-DT1URBK DEFT Wired Trackball Mouse

Gaming aficionados who love playing for long hours will find no better companion than the M-DT1URBK DEFT Wired Trackball Mouse, which features built-in function buttons, including left, right forward and back buttons and a tilt wheel, for seamless gameplay or even faster web browsing.

Set to bring out the inner gamer in each individual, the mouse features a built-in switch for adjusting pointer movement speed, a built-in power switch for preventing battery drain, and a built-in indicator lamp that shows remaining battery life. It also has an index finger operation type wired trackball that delivers overwhelming operation performance. Gamers who wish to better customize their gaming experience can even change the button function assignment through the “Elecom Mouse Assistant”, which can be downloaded for free.

Jabbing buttons while the game is heating up won’t cause hand and finger fatigue, either: The M-DT1URBK DEFT Wired Trackball Mouse’s ergonomic design prevents muscular and skeletal problems when gamers need to use the mouse for long hours. And gamers can be assured of excellent pointer response too, with the mouse’s gaming grade high-performance optical sensor that detects trackball movement.

Stay comfortable with the Elecom M-XGM10DBBK Wireless Blue Led Mouse and Elecom MP-115BK Fittio Mouse Pad

MP-115BK Fittio Mouse Pad

The Elecom M-XGM10DBBK Wireless Blue Led Mouse is nimble and quick: It features Blue LED Technology, for faster and more accurate response. Designed for comfort and smooth usage, the Elecom M-XGM10DBBK Wireless Blue Led Mouse’s medium-sized built fits snugly into one’s hand, allowing the easy left and right movement of the thumb and ring finger as well as the absorption and distribution of load according to wrist movement. It also has five built-in buttons, for faster web browsing.

Aside from having the right mouse, users can fight wrist fatigue better with the easy-to-clean Elecom MP-115BK Fittio Mouse Pad, which features an integrated hand rest that distributes wrist weight, relieves wrist tension emanating from long-time mouse usage, and fixes wrist position for better mouse movement control.

These Elecom accessories are available in Elecom outlets in SM North Edsa, SM Marikina, SM Fairview, SM Soutmall, Solenad and all Urbanize outlets at U.P. Town Center, Gateway, Shangri-La, Glorietta3, Uptown BGC, Venice Grand Canal, Kiss & Fly NAIA Terminal 3, Alabang Town Center, The District-Imus, Solenad and Serin – Tagaytay. For more information, please visit the Urbanize and Elecom websites.  Also follow Urbanize’s Facebook and Instagram and Elecom’s Facebook and Instagram. 



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