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Hanabishi, GMA Kapuso Foundation extend partnership to restore and improve more Filipinos’ lives

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Hanabishi PR Photo
Hanabishi PR Photo

Manila, Philippines. June 19, 2017 – Number one homegrown appliance manufacturer Hanabishi recently renewed its partnership with the GMA Kapuso Foundation (GMAKF) for another year. Reinforcing its commitment to make a difference through the reconstruction of schools and post-rehabilitation efforts, Hanabishi will be carrying out a series of appliance donations composed of electric fans and water dispensers to help more financially challenged communities.

“Hanabishi is a dynamic company with a strong leadership and involvement in advocacy programs concerning customers’ welfare.  We have exciting public service projects in the pipeline and we expect a deeper GMA Kapuso–Hanabishi partnership—one that goes beyond schools and utilizes a wider variety of Hanabishi products,” GMA Kapuso Foundation EVP and COO Carmela “Mel” Tiangco shares.

The latest beneficiary of Hanabishi and GMAKF’s partnership was the Malaya Elementary School in Pililla, Rizal, which benefitted more than 1,000 students. Since partnering with GMAKF in 2012, Hanabishi has provided appliances for the Kapuso Village Integrated School in Tacloban and donated complete sets of home appliances for 200 houses in the Kapuso Village in Iligan and 600 houses in Leyte and Tacloban.

“Partnering with the GMA Kapuso Foundation has allowed us to effectively communicate our message and keep in touch with the most vulnerable sectors of our society. It continuously transcends our mission of having Hanabishi products in every Filipino home. For five consecutive years now, GMAKF has been able to channel compassion and generosity through donations in the form of appliances that help keep families sheltered and nourished inside their newly built homes. Schools are now also equipped with proper ventilation and access to clean drinking water, making them more conducive to learning. We believe that the synergism we create together with GMAKF and other private partners impacts the lives of many Filipinos, young and old,” says Hanabishi President Jasper Ong.

“On behalf of Hanabishi, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to GMAKF for four fruitful years of collaborative work and for another year to strengthen our advocacy and campaign on practicality. Through these, we hope to mold the minds of the younger generation that they may always be prudent and wise in their decisions, be it about their work or their homes,” he adds.

Hanabishi’s partnership with GMA Kapuso Foundation is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program, which aims to extend support to impoverished and calamity-stricken communities in different parts of the country.

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