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Hanabishi products promote learning-conducive homes

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Number one homegrown appliance manufacturer Hanabishi reinforces its commitment to help practical Filipino parents provide their children with an environment that is most conducive for learning.

Filipinos place a high value on education. As an old saying goes, “Ang edukasyon ang tanging kayamanan na hindi maaaring nakawin ninoman.” Parents work the hardest just so they can send their children to the best school they can afford, no matter the sacrifice this entails. They support their children’s aspirations and provide them with the means to make learning more conducive and productive.

In support of the Filipinos’ strong emphasis on education, number one homegrown appliance manufacturer Hanabishi reinforces its commitment to help practical Filipino parents provide their children with an environment that is most conducive for learning.  Hanabishi helps create the right atmosphere for learning and studying, empowering Filipino families with appliances that suit their various needs.

Creating an environment conducive to learning

Carrying out school tasks and responsibilities can be difficult in constantly changing weather conditions, which can affect one’s mood and worse, even cause illnesses.

Make study time more comfortable with the Hanabishi Ceiling Fan. Available in two variants—the HTRIFAN 48 and HTRIFAN 56—the ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect to make the room feel 6 to 8 degrees cooler. Both fans are equipped with a metal blade, oscillation control and a thermal fuse-protected motor, the last to prevent overheating. The products are compact in design to save space. With their powerful blade and oscillation control, they can cool a room down, eliminating the need for air conditioning and saving on electric costs.

For studying or completing school projects during warmer days or nights, the Hanabishi Air Cooler provides a cool break. For a starting price of Php5,345, this product cools a room but consumes less energy than ordinary air conditioners, in the process resulting in more savings.

The Hanabishi Air Cooler, which comes in seven models, is equipped with a honeycomb filter, a remote controller, an ionizer and a 24-hour timer. It has a 5.5-liter water tank capacity. It also requires less maintenance and has no harmful gas emission such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Stay awake with a cup of coffee

Burning the midnight oil is quite common among students, particularly when preparing for an exam, completing a project or working with a group. Students usually turn to junk food to boost their energy or keep them awake.

Offer a healthier option with the Hanabishi Coffee Maker. Students already allowed to have coffee can opt for a warm cup instead of getting their alertness or caffeine boost from soft drinks or other energy drinks.

Available in six variants, the Hanabishi Coffee Maker comes in modern ergonomic design and a nonstick heating plate. It features an illuminated on/off switch, a cone-style permanent filter, a water-level indicator on the tank, a heat-resistant glass carafe, a hinged tank lid and a stylish reservoir for coffee. The price ranges from Php615 to Php1,100.


About Hanabishi

For more than three decades, Hanabishi has established its reputation as a provider of affordable yet quality home products, which paved the way for its tagline “Kapartner ng Praktikal na Nanay at Bossing.”

Hanabishi’s consumer products are available at leading appliance and department stores nationwide. For more information about Hanabishi, please visit and like them on Facebook:


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