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Hanabishi promotes fun yet productive school break

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With Hanabishi’s line of practical appliances, students can turn the short vacation into a rewarding experience.

It’s just a couple more weeks before schools go for a short break, which is also in time for the celebration of Undas. Many students and parents alike are starting to plan their short vacation: It could be just hanging out with family and friends, a concert or a trip to the province or abroad. Others are looking for ways to be more productive and use the time to catch up on rest or other work postponed, or maybe even generate extra income.

Hanabishi, the country’s number one homegrown appliance manufacturer, encourages the young to use the break not just to relax and have fun but also to be more productive. With the company’s range of affordable quality appliances, students can come up with small businesses that can help them with their savings and even teach them a lesson or two.

Make vacation productive with a mini food business

Filipinos love to eat, which is why many would like to explore the food business.

Hanabishi offers budget-friendly kitchen appliances affordable enough even for students to start up their own microbusiness during vacation. With just about a thousand pesos or less, young entrepreneurs can get a Hanabishi stove and whip up specialty recipes to sell to friends, classmates and neighbors.

Offer easy-to-prepare dishes such as silog breakfast choices, short-order pansit or pasta dishes, and even snack favorites banana cue, soup or ginataang halo-halo. Home-made food items such as tocino, atsara or gourmet tuyo are likewise inexpensive to make and can be an additional source of income. Hanabishi makes preparation more convenient and safe for beginners with its gas stove’s automatic switch and safety interlocks.

For those who prefer not to use gas for cooking, Hanabishi offers electric stoves designed for efficient, user-friendly cooking. These electric stoves use a hot plate or coil forms 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

Both gas and electric stoves come in single- and double-burner models to suit home and business needs or setups.

To ensure food is always warm enough for serving, Hanabishi has a wide selection of microwave ovens perfect for reheating food. The microwave ovens all have 10 power levels, a glass turntable and a content capacity ranging from 20 to 31 liters. Aside from reheating food, the ovens can be used to make popcorn and potato chips or even for quick defrosting.

Street foods, anyone?

Start a street food business even when at home with Hanabishi’s electric Deep Fryer HFRY 40SS. Offer neighbors a variation of popular Pinoy street food delicacies that are as safe as they are appetizing.

The deep fryer’s 4-liter capacity can handle an assortment of street foods in a single cooking to cater to different customers. Made of stainless steel, the product comprises a frying basket with a cold tough handle and a removable heating element. It features a smoke filter, cold storage, temperature control, and a heat and power light indicator.

For young entrepreneurs eyeing to offer healthier options, Hanabishi offers a series of steamers suitable for preparing and selling siomai, siopao, dumplings and other similar food items. The steamers have several tray levels for preparing more items at once. Some models even come with a plastic container.

Refreshments for the weary

Either to complement a food service business or as a standalone business, beverages can be a good source of additional income.

Offer a mix of tasty and healthy drinks such as fresh organic juice or smoothie. Hanabishi’s HPJ juicer series lets users prepare a variety of drinks for different occasions and needs. All units have a 2-speed slice switch control for ease of use. The Juice Extractor HPJ 500SS can squeeze fruits and vegetables.

The juicers have a 500mL to 800mL cup capacity and up to 1.2-liter pulp container for serving drinks of different sizes. Be it a warm afternoon or a rainy morning, these juicers can surely help prepare the perfect drink to suit the day.


About Hanabishi

For more than three decades, Hanabishi has established its reputation as a provider of affordable yet quality home products, which paved the way for its tagline “Kapartner ng Praktikal na Nanay at Bossing.”

Hanabishi’s consumer products are available at leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information about Hanabishi, please visit and like them on Facebook:

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