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Strategic communication that builds relationships


We provide integrated communications and public relations services, fusing technology, creativity and strategic thinking to connect clients with their stakeholders, build relationships, and help businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

More than 20 years – and counting — of excellent communication services connecting clients with their audiences

Optimizing new and innovative technologies to engage your publics more effectively in the platform they prefer

Creating great brand and audience experiences that strengthen the relationship and foster growth

Combining the right strategy with the right medium and right message drives the right audience

Impactful creatives work not only resonates with the audience but also inspires action and more collaborations

The lenses capture what words can sometimes fail to portray, making storytelling even more effective


Awesome happens because we combine smart and strategic with fun and creativity. Our work is a testament to our passion and commitment, and happy clients the reward each time.

Ardent organized the historic 2019 PRSP Congress


We believe communication at its best brings people together. Storytelling is meant not only to inform and enlighten but also to stir a response, whether that be an emotion, idea or action.

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How Introverts Survive in PR

An introvert working at a PR firm? The idea can be pretty far-fetched and even scary — unlikely for many and intimidating for the individual him/herself, and for good reason.

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