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Is There a Place for Love at Work?

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Love languages. You’ve heard of them. They summarize the different ways one can show their care and affection to — or receive such from — family, friends and loved ones. Yes, they can also be ways of loving and affirming oneself.

But how about at the workplace where butting heads can happen all too often? How do we use love languages in the workplace? Maybe not to catch your work crush’s attention but to build stronger relationships with your co-workers.

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a work day, and for us in PR that means clients before presents and hustle before cuddles. Here’s how you can use the five love languages in the workplace to show your care and affection for your coworkers and your boss and make it a fun Valentine’s work day.

Words of affirmation

Difficult days can come pretty often in our line of work. If you see your co-worker getting a little overwhelmed with what they’re doing, approach them and be the person they can vent to.

Validate their emotions and every once in a while, give them some words of encouragement. One proud ako sa ‘yo can go a long way!

Physical touch

If physical touch is more your vibe, show how much you care and appreciate someone’s work through a friendly fist bump, high five or pat on the back. These small gestures can already convey a thousand words.

You could already be uplifting someone else’s day with that small tap on the shoulder. With friends in the office or those with whom you’ve built a certain closeness, a hug is always a welcome treat. Besides bring some positivity all around, hugs can reduce stress and boost mental health.

Acts of service

See an intern who’s a little confused about their task? Don’t hesitate to help them out. They might be too shy to ask questions, so give them a helping hand.

Here’s another idea: if your boss is getting quite stressed out, offer them a cold beverage or make them a warm cup of coffee.

These small but meaning acts can lighten up anybody’s day.

Gift giving

Why not give your co-workers and boss a little something to make them smile through the stress of the day?

It doesn’t have to be grand. If you happen to bake a cake over the weekend, bring some for the whole office to try. Or treat colleagues to their favorite iced coffee or milk tea for your afternoon break. There doesn’t even have to be a reason to gift your friends in the office. Any thoughtful act would be appreciated.

Quality time

Once your shift is over, invite co-workers and bosses to a drink out for a little unwinding and chika time. If possible, leave all the shop talk in the office and just enjoy each other’s company. Such bonding moments will last you through the stress of work.

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