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Maybe Delulu is the Solulu After All!

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What will your 2024 era be? If upon reading ‘era,’ you thought of Taylor Swift, that’s not a coincidence. That’s just the power of being TIME’s Person of the Year.

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It is once again the time to dust off the journal you never use, make promises to yourself you know you’ll never keep and create a list of all the other things you’ll do to become a much better person this coming year. The time to stand in front of the mirror, look the culprit in the eye and chant “This time, it will be different.”

Instead of listing the things you want to avoid, change or achieve, why not choose a new personality or era? Why stop at small personality changes when you can become a completely different person? Call it being delusional or pretentious, but faking it ‘til you make it never really harmed anyone. That is, as long as we’re not talking about the Ana Delvey (Anna Sorokin) level of faking it here.

So, move over manifesting, it’s all about eras this 2024.

Fresh as the morning, unbothered era

Waking up at 6AM (fine, 7:30AM works, too), cooking your own meals and trying out different health drinks other than coffee. This 2024, you will start doing yoga and using task management apps instead of sticky notes lying all around your work area. You are unbothered but organized, fresh but determined.

If this sounds like a big undertaking, start with your bedroom or home office. Make the changes – no matter how small – that will make you feel more organized and put together. Incorporate new habits into the ones you’re already doing.

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If you’re finding it impossible to make time to exercise, do it while making your morning coffee. Perhaps a few sit-ups or semi squats while waiting for the coffee grinder to finish or your Chemex to complete all pours. Or you can just walk your dog every night. It doesn’t have to be a full workout routine. It could be a workout snack – little bits of movements that you can do in short periods of time. Little by little, your unbothered era will come alive.

Astronaut era

Aerospace as in rockets – wait! More like raket as in side hustles and gigs. Of course, you’ll make sure they don’t get in the way of your day job. You will try to get over your fear of people and reach out to friends and colleagues to ask for raket recommendations. You will be more confident about your achievements at work and marketing yourself and your skills.

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If you find yourself still having some extra time, you can learn more about your craft and further hone your skills. You will spend your nights (and weekends?) taking an online course or exploring other productive hobbies instead of scrolling through the bottom of the internet to kill time. That online certification you’ve been eyeing won’t wait forever, so get it now!

As you seek yet another side job, however, evaluate whether your body can still handle another sleepless night or working weekend. This may be your raket era, but it doesn’t have to be your ultra-tired era. Rest and say no to gigs if you must.

It be like that sometimes era

Forgot to follow your new diet plan? You’re too tired and done to bother making resolutions, so you just leave everything to fate. Oh well.

Maybe you’ll find a goal to inspire you along the way, but if you don’t, then so be it. You’re not being pessimistic, not even dramatic: You’re just happy to exist. In other words, you’re letting go and living life the way you’ve always wanted. You will not feel any guilt for living this way because you’ve earned it!

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You have a very clear idea of what matters to you and whatever is not included in your priorities list, you ignore and don’t make a big deal of. You’re breezing through life and your only goal is to get fewer wrinkles.

Another celebrity breakup? Not your business. Office gossip? Simply not your cup of tea. When they Google ‘relaxed and happy person,’ your picture will pop up.

Ready for it era

This is your moment, your defining year, the time to get that new job or promotion, a big break or that recognition you’ve been working hard for. Given an impossible task? “Watch me breeze through it.” Scolded by your supervisor? It’s a lesson and an opportunity to improve.

This is not the time to dawdle and stare into nothingness. This year, you’re focused on the goal and you’re not losing sight of the end game you’ve envisioned for yourself. You are ready for it, with it being everything and anything.

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A friendly note: You are allowed to slow down. You are allowed to change your mind and your goals. Maybe it’s not a new job or promotion that you want but a completely new position from a different department? Moving across is just as important as moving up, after all. Maybe the recognition you want is found in a different aspect of your life outside of work – being a great friend is just as, if not more, rewarding.

The new year always brings hopes and possibilities for change and betterment. For others, making a resolution for the year is a serious homework. Some, however, are too tired of it or don’t want to be bothered. Resolution or not, the new year is a chance to become the self you’ve always envisioned for yourself. It’s a collection of Pinterest pins and mood board. Just that this time, more than wishing, you get to become it.

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