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MDPPA warns about the dangers of altering motorcycle parts

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Motorists customize motorcycle features such as headlamps, taillights, handlebars and exhaust mufflers to personalize their driving experience. Altering motorcycles, however, comes at a grave price, according to the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association, Inc. (MDPPA), the Philippines’ premier motorcycle manufacturers association whose members include Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kymco.

 “The desire to appear cool and sporty has prompted a lot of motorcycle riders to enhance motorcycles with cosmetic and engine modifications. Unfortunately, most motorcycle riders are ignorant about the dangers of motorcycle customization and how their ‘artistic’ pursuits can affect motorcycle safety, performance and durability in the long run,” according to the MDPPA. 

Changing spare parts can likewise adversely affect other motorcycle parts. Common improper alterations include headlight and tail light bulb color, tires, handlebars, rear view mirrors and muffler modification. Riders mistakenly assume that sporty looks work well with safety, performance, durability and fuel economy. Replacing ignition system with those without rev-limiters can prove fatal to engine damage as well as safety to the rider and other motorist and pedestrians.

Maintenance of motor cycle

Modifying fuel system such as carburetors, which blend air and fuel for combustion, may result to negative effect on fuel consumption, exhaust emission level and reduction of engine power.

The association also added that riders should never consider alteration even when the motorcycle warranty has expired. Motorcycle riders have to regularly visit authorized and trained service centers or mechanics for proper preventive maintenance service as specified in their owner’s manual.

MDPPA, likewise, reminds the public on the prohibition to modify vehicles pursuant to LTO-LTFRB Joint Admininstrative Order No. 2014-01.

“Motorcycles undergo quality control tests to ensure compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards. By modifying motorcycles, motorists simply regress from experiencing the ‘perfect ride’,” according to the MDPPA. Moreso, LTO-LTFRB Joint Admininstrative Order No. 2014-01 prohibits the modification of motor vehicle parts.




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