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Mister Potato breakthrough launch of Sweet Potato Crisps

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Mister Potato Launch PR Photo
Mister Potato Launch

Manila, PHILIPPINES, November 11, 2016 – Malaysia’s no. 1 brand of potato snack, Mister Potato, today launches a breakthrough product in the Philippines which dares to be different than the usual munchies available in the market. Mister Potato Purple Sweet Potato Crisps takes snacking to a whole new level so consumers can enjoy high quality, tasty and crispy sweet potato chips as much as they want.

Established in 1992, Mister Potato has garnered several awards for producing high quality crisps. The brand upholds an uncompromising standard of quality, from the ingredient selection process on to the production and finishing stages. Today, Mister Potato remains Malaysia’s top choice in potato snacks and is now exported in 90 countries worldwide.

No Compromise in Taste

Whether it is to be shared or be consumed alone, potato crisps are always a sure hit appetizer, side dish or snack. Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps, changes this snacking game for all potato crisps lovers out there as it is made from the freshest ingredients and natural purple Sweet potato, no artificial colour was added. The manufacturer ensures the purple sweet potatoes used are bacteria-, fungi- and pesticide free. They are handpicked from the farms and processed at once to maintain their natural color, goodness and fresh taste. The potatoes then undergo several washing and are fried using vegetable oil before they are tightly sealed. This makes Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps crunchier than crunchy!

The Sweet, Natural Kind

Sweet Potato has variant species with their own distinctive colour, look and taste. It has been also named as “Super Food” which contains high nutrition benefits. Especially Purple Sweet Potato containing high Fibre, manganese, Vitamins A&C and Anthocyanins which benefits our eyesight, Heart health, anti-inflammatory, etc.

What makes Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps different from the usual potato snack? It’s not just its natural purple color but its sweet taste. The Purple sweet Potato Crisps goodness combined with its crunchy, sweet taste create an explosion of flavors and texture that satisfy potato snack cravings. Mister Potato’s Purple Sweet Potato Crisps is packed with vitamins and minerals and is guaranteed gluten-, GMO- and cholesterol-free with 0% trans fatty acid.

Because Mister Potato takes snacking seriously, the brand has boldly changed the game with the launch of Sweet Potato Crisps. Now available in leading supermarkets nationwide for only Php75, Mister Potato’s Sweet Potato Crisps is all set to change everybody’s potato snacking experience!




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