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Never miss a shot and always take good photos

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MANILA, Philippines – November 4, 2015:  Lenovo’s latest smartphone, the VIBE Shot, allows amateur shutterbugs to take professional looking pictures anytime and all the time.

In designing this device, Lenovo has identified four common personas that embody this generation’s millennials.

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Capture moods and natural lighting.

There are millennials who take the “go hard, or go home” saying to heart. They do rock-climbing, skiing, hiking, and still appreciate a beautiful sunset.

But nature’s beauty demands only the best. The Vibe Shot’s 16-megapixel rear camera can capture crisp and awe-inspiring scenes. The VIBE Shot also features a Backside Illuminated Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization that can snap blazing fast-motion sports photos, day or night. With a 7.6 mm-thin battery which helps keep it lightweight, the sleek VIBE Shot makes a perfect outdoor companion for any millennial.

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Street photography that capture the mood

There is so much beauty to be captured even in raw ingredients found in farmers’ markets. With the Vibe Shot’s­­ Auto and Pro camera modes, it can snap magazine-worthy photos in seconds.

The VIBE Shot’s Smart Composition is meant for gourmet photos. Plus, with its stunning 16:9 BSI lowlight camera sensor, dimly-lit restaurants will no longer be a problem whether you are taking photos of the chef or his culinary masterpieces.

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Beneath the historic Intramuros wall.

The VIBE Shot lets hipsters create unique angles that scream their uniqueness to the world. With the VIBE Shot, they can switch to Pro mode for full control over the camera, including white balance, focal length, aperture size, and ISO. The VIBE Shot can deliver that weathered sepia look or those grungy off-tint street effects for more personalized photos.

With social media as the new photo album of this generation, young parents can share not only their family groufies but their baby’s so cute moments as well. These heart-warming occasions can happen only once and Vibe Shot ensures that parents are able to capture them.

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Freeze time with action shots

All parents need to do is double click the shutter button to record the moment. And with infrared auto-focus that’s twice as fast as the competition, the only thing parents will race to catch is a good night’s sleep.


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