Eyes on the ball: How volleyball phenom Alyssa Valdez keeps her VIBE ON

Public Relations imageMANILA, Philippines – December 17, 2015: Alyssa Valdez, also known as “The Phenom of Philippine Volleyball” has won it all – Team Championships, UAAP Season 76’s Best Scorer, Best Server, Season MVP and Finals MVP awards plus the hearts of thousands of fans.

Behind her success

Alyssa discovered her love for volleyball at a young age, crediting her brothers for influencing her to pursue the sport. “I have tried a lot of sports but it is with volleyball that I really found myself in,” she shared.

As an athlete, she trains rigorously every day to stay on top of her game. But she is more than just that. Alyssa is also a student currently pursuing graduate studies in Ateneo de Manila and an endorser to a slew of major brands. She’s also a friend and a daughter.

Juggling her athletic career and her studies while maintaining her relationships is not easy, Alyssa admits. But she strives on to find a balance. “It’s important that I set my priorities to make sure that no matter how busy I get, I still have time for the other things that are also important to me.”

She adds, “I always challenge myself to not only be consistent but to push myself to be better. Of course there are challenges I encounter along the way. But my passion and commitment drives me to keep moving forward, to be the best version of myself.”

A brand that VIBES ON

Her attitude is very much in line with Lenovo’s new and vibrant campaign – VIBE ON, an extension of the brand’s overarching proposition that life rewards those that never stand still.  The Lenovo VIBE ON promise aims to empower individuals, particularly millennials to go their own way by providing smartphones with the latest technology and features that they care about, at a price they wouldn’t expect.

“Alyssa Valdez perfectly embodies the VIBE ON campaign. She’s successful in her chosen field and she’s an inspiration to millennials of today. We’re proud to have her as one of our VIBE ON ambassadors,” Dino Romano, Country Manager for Lenovo Smartphones, Philippines.

Vibe P1: The Perfect Gadget

For someone like Alyssa who is always on the go, the Lenovo VIBE P1 matches her lifestyle well. With its impressive 5000mAh battery, users can be sure that it will last them through the day with the ability to charge other phones in need of a battery boost anytime. It also comes equipped with a 24W quick charge function that allows for rapid smartphone battery charging.

“Because I’m always on the move, I need a smartphone that will allow me to stay productive and connected the whole day. The Lenovo VIBE P1 is perfect for me. I love its long-lasting battery life, which allows me to watch movies, listen to music and check my social media accounts without worrying that I would run out of battery. ”

Power to Spike On

Alyssa’s attitude and determination makes her an exceptional role model to the youth. Despite challenges and failures, she continues to spike on through life. When asked to share her advice on how to succeed even at a young age, Alyssa said, “Anyone can be successful in his or her chosen field when you put your heart into it.  Success for me is 90% passion and 10% hard work. ”

Use popular holidays to boost your brand’s social media presence

Brands with social media presence should not miss out on creating buzz and awareness during special occasions and popular holidays.

Take for instance Halloween, one of the most awaited occasions in the Philippines. It’s a time for adults to dress up and party, and for children to roam the neighborhood while trick or treating.

Halloween Facebook Contest Winners
Contest winners used charms and skills to score likes.


Last Halloween, Ardenites donned their horror costumes and participated in a Facebook contest dubbed, “Post as Your Creepiest”. Participants posted their Halloween-worthy pics on ArdentComm’s Facebook page. The three photos with the most number of likes from November 1 to 6 were declared winners. The prizes were GCs to one of Metro Manila’s most popular eat-all-you-can buffets.

The contest was a success as it pulled in sweet numbers in a mere five days: 116 new fans, 3,873 reach, 709 engagements and 43 comments. All these at practically no cost except for the GCs. The online banter between staff and their friends also showed the intangible but vital elements of fun and creativity.

Any company or brand can do such easy holiday-themed contests with great results. Make sure your contest has the elements of:

1. Timeliness. Everyone wants to part of something. More so when that something is currently in the air. Special occasions give us that opportunity to unite in celebration and be part of a community.  Companies should take advantage of popular holidays to mobilize their fans. They already like the brand and they’re just waiting to be engaged. Make them do fun stuff. Stir the nest. Create excitement. There are holidays happening year-round that offer tons of contest ideas aside from Halloween such as New Year, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers’ Day, Independence Day, and Christmas.

2. Simplicity. Make it easy to join and spread the word. Throw out the complicated mechanics. It kills the mood. Keep the excitement alive by increasing who can join. Don’t alienate a particular segment of your fans by, say, barring students, especially if your brand is patronized by this group.  Rules should be easy to follow and remember.  Fan the flames further by making use of the Share button.

3. Champions. Every company has a ready pool of champions just waiting to be tapped and that’s none other than their employees. What’s more, these employees have social media platforms with several layers of friends. If the staff understands that it is in their interest to promote the company or the brand, they would be more than willing to do some heavy lifting. They’d be proud to showcase to their friends how they are an active part of a company.  The promise of a price or incentive is only added motivation.

Social media is effective when companies keep things social. Popular occasions are social events that bring everyone together. Get your brand involved in the celebrations. This makes it easy for people to get behind your brand. Your employees get to do something that is visible to external audiences.  And netizens who would not encounter your brand otherwise get to be new fans.

While your competitors wrack their brains trying to think of new gimmicks, you have your social media campaigns lined-up for the next 12 months thanks to popular holidays that happen year-round.


Motorcycle makers steer road safety training for kids

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – November 13, 2015. Of the reported 400 fatal road accidents in Metro Manila last year, more than 200 involved children 15 years and below, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

This is why the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association (MDPPA), composed of leading motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda Philippines Inc., Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation, Suzuki Philippines Inc., Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc., and Kymco Philippines, Inc.; is using Public Relations to promote safety, especially among children.

Photo 1_

The MDPPA’s Road Safety Seminar for Children uses interactive road safety education activities right in the campuses of different elementary schools in Metro Manila as part of the organization’s advocacy. The second leg of the seminar, held in collaboration with the Far Eastern University-Nicanor Reyes Educational Foundation Diliman College (FEU-FERN), included hands-on exercises, road situation simulation in the portable children’s road safety park and the appearance of MDPPA’s mascot “Rodi”. The one-day event was held last September in FEU-FERN campus in Diliman, Quezon City and was attended by grade two pupils.

Grade Two teacher and one of the seminar speakers Deceree Carimal shed light about the innovative format of the seminar. “Children are visual learners so they need to see what’s being explained,” she said, noting that it is more difficult to impart the lessons by just verbally explaining the concepts. Carimal added that when children see adults violating traffic rules, it is very likely that they will mimic what the adults are doing.

Rodel Pablo, president of MDPPA, explained the importance of the activity, “Sadly, a large number of the adult population in the country either don’t follow road safety rules, or are not actively teaching their kids. Training the children about road safety would significantly reduce the rate of road crashes in the future.”

Pablo also shared the vision of MDPPA’s members, “MDPPA puts road safety at the forefront of our initiatives. Also, our member-motorcycle manufacturers all believe that as road safety is for all it is also a shared responsibility and should be a continuing effort “

Public Relations through stakeholder engagement

“A major cause of road crashes is the intentional ignorance of traffic rules,” said Engr. Alberto Suansing, Secretary General of the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP), a non-profit organization that brings together government agencies, business entities and civil society to address global and local road safety issues. “We have to inculcate the habit of following traffic rules among children, and impress on them the ideas that discipline and adherence to safety practices—for example, as simple as wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle and crossing the road using the pedestrian lane—are what will save their lives. The best way to start is to simplify the lessons by using visual and practical learning strategies,” added Suansing, who is also the former assistant secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and was in concurrent capacity as Chief of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The Road Safety Seminar for Children is also in pace with the UN Road Safety Collaboration’s global campaign called “#SaveKidsLives”, which aims to make roads safer for everyone especially the children. MDPPA plans to hold the seminar in more elementary schools this quarter.



Never miss a shot and always take good photos

MANILA, Philippines – November 4, 2015:  Lenovo’s latest smartphone, the VIBE Shot, allows amateur shutterbugs to take professional looking pictures anytime and all the time.

In designing this device, Lenovo has identified four common personas that embody this generation’s millennials.

Press release photo
Capture moods and natural lighting.

There are millennials who take the “go hard, or go home” saying to heart. They do rock-climbing, skiing, hiking, and still appreciate a beautiful sunset.

But nature’s beauty demands only the best. The Vibe Shot’s 16-megapixel rear camera can capture crisp and awe-inspiring scenes. The VIBE Shot also features a Backside Illuminated Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization that can snap blazing fast-motion sports photos, day or night. With a 7.6 mm-thin battery which helps keep it lightweight, the sleek VIBE Shot makes a perfect outdoor companion for any millennial.

Public Relations photo
Street photography that capture the mood

There is so much beauty to be captured even in raw ingredients found in farmers’ markets. With the Vibe Shot’s­­ Auto and Pro camera modes, it can snap magazine-worthy photos in seconds.

The VIBE Shot’s Smart Composition is meant for gourmet photos. Plus, with its stunning 16:9 BSI lowlight camera sensor, dimly-lit restaurants will no longer be a problem whether you are taking photos of the chef or his culinary masterpieces.

Public Relations photo for publicity
Beneath the historic Intramuros wall.

The VIBE Shot lets hipsters create unique angles that scream their uniqueness to the world. With the VIBE Shot, they can switch to Pro mode for full control over the camera, including white balance, focal length, aperture size, and ISO. The VIBE Shot can deliver that weathered sepia look or those grungy off-tint street effects for more personalized photos.

With social media as the new photo album of this generation, young parents can share not only their family groufies but their baby’s so cute moments as well. These heart-warming occasions can happen only once and Vibe Shot ensures that parents are able to capture them.

PR photo of children playing
Freeze time with action shots

All parents need to do is double click the shutter button to record the moment. And with infrared auto-focus that’s twice as fast as the competition, the only thing parents will race to catch is a good night’s sleep.


Chevron initiates waste reduction programs of high school students

CSR event
Grand prize winning San Pascual National High School students with Chevron’s Joseph Bronfman, area business manager for Finished Lubricants (L-R second), Peter Morris, general manager for Philippine products (5th) and Herminio Esguerra, Herma Group of Companies chairman (8th)


San Pascual, Batangas, October 28, 2015 – Gone are the days when companies do community work just for the sake of good Public Relations. Leading the way is Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of the Caltex brand, which has long included social investments as a KPI in their operational excellence.

To guard the health and safety if its staff and community, both key values of the company, which are threatened by trash that washes up ashore along the Chevron Batangas terminal, CPI launched an environmental awareness program driven by ecology projects proposed by students in San Pascual, Batangas.

The program, named Caltex Eco(logy is) Me or Caltex Eco Me, attracted 30 project proposals from student of San Pascual National High School, the municipality’s biggest high school in terms of student population. Three finalists implemented their projects in three barangays adjacent to waterways leading to the San Pascual coastline.

Team Flower in a Bottle, composed of 50 students and at least 2 teachers, scored the most points for highest impact and strongest sustainable component. The team received P1 million worth of technical-vocational materials including audio-visual equipment, sewing machines, and even hand and foot massage and spa sets which were on the winners’ wish list for their donation to their school. The team stood out as it reinforced the existing waste management program of Barangay Laurel through an ingenious method of turning reusable and recyclable plastic bottle caps to decorative flowers.

“One of the best incentives of this ecology contest is that Caltex empowered my students not only to bring waste management awareness in their own communities but also to enable them to become donors to their own school. These prizes are our team’s contribution and legacy to the current and succeeding classes of San Pascual National High School. We want all the students to remember our cause when they see and use these educational materials from Caltex,” Ermelinda Ilagan, the teacher/adviser of Team Flower in a Bottle, said during the Caltex Eco Me awarding ceremony.

Caltex Eco Me was fueled by auction proceeds from the Caltex Partners’ Day event held last March that included Caltex retailers, customers and various business partners. Herma Group of Companies chaiman Herminio Esguerra, who won the auction’s highest bid for a vintage Caltex gas pump-style refrigerator, joined the Chevron leaders during the Eco Me awarding ceremony at the Chevron Batangas Terminal.

Public Relations CSR event coastal cleanup
On the third day of WOC 2015, 39 CPI volunteers, joined with 333 other participants to collect up to 2 metric tons of waste and debris along the beach of Batangas Terminal.


The Caltex Eco Me awards was held as the culminating activity of Chevron’s annual coastal clean-up activity for its Week of Caring 2015, a week-long volunteerism activity when employees and business partners serve communities where CPI operates and engage in activities that benefit disadvantaged communities. Joseph Bronfman, CPI’s area business manager for Finished Lubricants, praised the participating teams. “These children who showed enthusiasm in keeping and preserving the environment deserve these educational items from the Eco Me program,” he said.

“Caltex Eco Me is a proactive program in addressing our environmental issues. It is our hope that as more and more of our communities become aware of the importance of waste management, we will soon see the day when we no longer need coastal cleanups,” said Peter Morris, CPI’s general manager for Philippine products.