Gear up for the rains

Suzuki Philippines shares tips on how to stay safe when wet-weather driving

Manila, Philippines. July 8, 2013 – For the past weeks, Metro Manila and nearby provinces experienced heavy rains that flooded major thoroughfares and submerged some vehicles. Floods pose danger to health and properties but damage to vehicles can be lessened, if not avoided, if proper preparation is made.

Suzuki Philippines, the only integrated motorcycle and automobile in the country, shares tips on how best to avoid damage to vehicles during the rainy season.

Assess the situation

Postpone going out in rough weather if there is a huge chance of flooding. If you cannot avoid it, know the terrain. Listen to the news or research the Internet. Find out if your destination is prone to flooding or not. Never drive through flood that is above the center of your tires as this will cause huge damage and can put you in danger if the flood gets deeper.

“If the vehicle gets submerged, immediately remove the battery terminal (positive and negative) to prevent damage to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) which serves as the “brain” of the vehicle”, Suzuki Philippines’ Service Supervisor Randy Santos said.

Move out

“If a motorist is trapped in a flood, he/she must get out of the unit and get to safety. Find higher ground away from the flood,” Santos shared.

Check your vehicle’s condition

Prior to any journey, all motorists should check their headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals are working properly. “Wet-weather driving demands gentle use of all the main controls – steering, clutch, brake and accelerator – and a larger allowance for errors and emergencies. When you begin a journey in the rain, your shoes will be wet and liable to slip off the pedals. Scuff the soles on the rubber matting or carpeting of the car before you start the engine,” he added.

All cars are suitable for the rainy season, but not all tires are. Motorists must check the condition of their tires before going on the road. Pressure of the tires must be checked and adjusted once a week or after a long travel.

Under inflation has immediate effects on vehicle handling (as well as fuel consumption), but its potential impact on overall safety and tire life are even greater. It results in premature and uneven tread wear on the outer edges. Under inflation also increases stress on the tire itself, through flexing and overheating, which can lead to structural failures such as tread separation.

Motorists should look for excessive or uneven tread wear in the tire, cracks, or bulges on the sidewalls or tread, chunking of the tread or any indication of tread separation, and signs of puncture, or nails, screws, glass, pieces of stone or any foreign object embedded in the tire to avoid any danger.  If any of these conditions are identified, motorists should immediately go to a tire specialist to have their tires checked.

Suzuki stressed that motorists should always take care of their vehicles whether it’s rainy or summer season.  “Vehicles can achieve their highest performance if they are properly maintained and taken care of. It is important to visit automobile specialists for proper check up and maintenance of vehicles to ensure the motorists’ safety on the road, whatever the weather may be,” Santos said.

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About Suzuki Philippines, Inc.

Suzuki Philippines, Inc. is a Japanese multinational firm highly recognized in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The company specializes in producing and distributing distinguished models of motorcycles and as well as in the distribution of compact vehicles.

Suzuki has established its reputation worldwide for quality, versatility, and innovation and has created a heritage of trust and reliability.

D-Link Introduces New Range of AC Networking Products with SharePort Mobile Technology

Leverages on new AC standard to deliver and share files instantly

Philippines – D-Link International Pte Ltd, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of networking products today announced its latest suite of AC networking products with integrated SharePort™ Mobile Technology. Complementing the superior new 802.11ac networking standard, SharePort™ Mobile app and web portal allows users to access personal files and multimedia at a fast speed from anywhere through a USB storage device connected to the SharePort™ Mobile -enabled D-Link router.

Mr Jonathan Quek, Product Marketing Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd said, “As wireless connectivity expands and the way people consume multimedia evolves, D-Link has noted an increased demand for devices which efficiently manage their network and content. The D-Link SharePort™ MobileTechnology and app caters to this need, bridging all mobile and desktop devices together and offering a new nimble platform to control digital lives, while creating one’s very own shared virtual storage space.

Host of features for prime network functionality
D-Link SharePort™ Mobile includes a host of features which provide an enjoyable, user-friendly experience.

The layout allows users to search and organise files by category, while the mobile app for tablet and smartphone devices (iOS & Android™) lets users control their media from an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Users will be able to swiftly transfer photos and videos to others without having to go through the hassle of creating emails, or even share files with an audience when giving a business presentation. They will also have the options of streaming and viewing files on mobile devices, playing slideshows of their photos, and even having offline playback by using the favourites option.

More importantly, customers will be able to store and enjoy media from a single point, while saving valuable memory on device.

Advanced wireless speeds
D-Link’s new AC networking products incorporate the 802.11ac – the most advanced networking standard that provides fastest speeds, extended coverage and fewer wireless dead spots. The D-Link routers in this range have cutting-edge wireless speeds of up to 1750 Mbps (combining 1300 Mbps AC and 450 Mbps Wireless N *), which means users can send multiple streams of data up to six times faster** than the previous standard.

Users can enjoy flawless HD and 3D video streaming to multiple devices at more places simultaneously, as wireless ranges are now dramatically expanded for whole home and office coverage. Other than transferring the same volume of data at a much faster rate, battery life of devices is improved, thus resulting in a significant reduction in power used.

*Actual Data Throughput may vary depends on network and environmental factors.
**When compared with Wireless N 300

Product Solutions – Routers
Users will have many choices in the D-Link 802.11ac SharePort™-enabled collection, including routers such as the DIR-868L, DIR-860L, DIR-850L and DIR-820L. Ideal for high bandwidth activities delivering unrivalled speeds and extended Wi-Fi range, these routers offer easy remote network management. All products feature the same elegant simplicity and can be configured or accessed with a few simple taps or clicks.

Product Solutions – Adapters
Other than routers, users can also select from D-Link’s 802.11ac adapters DWA-182 and DWA-171. Designed to fit into standard desktop PCs and servers, customers can delight in high speeds and reduced Wi-Fi interference for faster streaming and access to their data wherever they are.

Team Celerio PH Holds Car Show for Charity

Manila, Philippines. July 10, 2013 – Team Celerio Philippines (TCP) recently brought together various Suzuki models from the vintage Samurai to the latest Alto 800 and Swift Dzire in the first-ever charity fundraiser car show dubbed as “Show Off 2013”. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Tambuli Para Sa Bayan at Diyos, a medical mission foundation based in Quezon City.

Show Off 2013 paraded the best Suzuki cars in over 35 categories including Best Modified Car, Best Engine Display, Best Modified Engine, Best Off Roader, Loudest Engine Roar, and the People’s Choice Award among others, and distributed over 100 different awards and P100,000 worth of gift certificates and goodies to the attendees. James Andrew Olivar’s 2012 Suzuki Swift bagged the event’s biggest award, the People’s Choice Award, after garnering the most votes from the attendees.

Suzuki Auto Pasig hosted this year’s Show Off. Suzuki Auto Pasig President Cesar Asuncion says, “We highly commend Suzuki Philippines for supporting projects such as this. I believe that this engagement will not only inspire loyalty among existing Celerio owners but it will also strengthen the camaraderie between Suzuki Philippines and their customers.”

Photo above shows a modified Suzuki Swift car and a vintage Suzuki Beaver that participated in the competition.

“We at Suzuki are very happy to know that our automobiles stand not only as models for eco-friendly driving, stylish, and efficient driving but they have also evolved and became avenues to bring people and families together to support a very worthy cause. The Suzuki brand has long been a known and trusted name in the market and our involvement in these programs allows us to give back to the communities where we operate. We look forward to implementing more benefit projects and having stronger partnerships not only with Team Celerio Philippines but with other Suzuki car clubs in the country as well,” shares Suzuki Philippines President Hiroshi Suzuki.

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About Suzuki Philippines, Inc.

Suzuki Philippines, Inc. is a Japanese multinational firm highly recognized in the vehicle manufacturing industry. The company specializes in producing and distributing distinguished models of motorcycles and as well as in the distribution of compact vehicles.

Suzuki has established its reputation worldwide for quality, versatility, and innovation and has created a heritage of trust and reliability.

D-Link Launches Cloud Camera Equipped with Audio Detection & Wi-Fi Repeater Functions

-Value-Added Features for Enhanced Home Monitoring-

Philippines, June 21, 2013 – D-Link International Pte Ltd, one of the world’s largest suppliers of network products today expanded its award-winning range of Cloud Cameras with the Wireless N H.264 Day/Night Network Camera (DCS-5020L).

Packed with advanced audio detection security feature and a repeater mode that extends the Wi-Fi signal to every room, so mobile devices or additional IP cameras always enjoy the strongest possible Wi-Fi connection, the DCS-5020L is an effective and versatile home solution to keep an eye on loved ones.

“Every family deserves a way to connect with the most important things in life, even when they are not around. The DCS-5020L covers more of the house, helping users see more of their children, elderly family members, even pets,” said Mr Jonathan Quek, Product Marketing Director, D-Link International Pte Ltd. “With the added audio detection function, users will be able to receive instant image alerts once a pre-determined audio level has been crossed. Easy to use, the DCS-5020L offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything at home
is fine.”

The DCS-5020L catches every detail, day or night. Its pan and tilt functionality makes it possible to check every corner of a room, and the wide-angle lens captures an area up to 30% larger than previous models at a glance. In bright conditions, a filter on the DCS-5020L blocks infrared light for more realistic colors. When night mode is engaged, the camera’s enhanced system of LEDs lights up the scene with invisible infrared rays for detailed black-and-white video at distances of up to eight meters, even in the dark.

Live video feeds can be viewed on an Internet-connected iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ device with the free mydlink Lite mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play. The app also enables users to control the pan-and-tilt function and save or email snapshots. Video can be recorded to a PC on the local network with the free D-ViewCam™ camera management software for Windows PCs. Footage is VGA (640×480) resolution, compressed with H.264 video compression technology to use eighty percent less bandwidth and store up to five times more data in the same amount of space compared with traditional MJPEG video.

The DCS-5020L is designed for easy, convenient setup and use. It connects to the home network by either Ethernet or 802.11n wireless.

The DCS-5020L D-Link Wireless N H.264 Day/Night Network Camera will be available by the end of Q2, 2013.


DCS-5020L Feature Highlights:


  • Built-in microphone for sound detection: activates on nearby sound
  • 1/5” CMOS sensor, H.264 MJPEG video, VGA @ 30 FPS
  • Wide Pan +170° ~ -170° (total 340°) and Tilt range +95° ~ -25° ( total 120°).
  • Connect via 10/100 Ethernet or wireless 11n with one-touch WPS support
  • Wireless extender capability enhances existing networks (recommended up to 2 wireless clients connection)
  • Support for audio in video feeds so action is heard as well as seen
  • mydlink-enabled for viewing and control from mobile device
  • Infrared LEDs for night vision to 8 meters



– end-


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