Our clients are the other half of every lasting and meaningful campaign we create. Every project is a partnership, an alliance toward a common goal, a collaboration of ideas that brings to life our clients’ story and mission to their publics and our commitment to strategic communication that builds relationships.

We work closely with our clients to deliver meaningful and impactful campaigns and share stories that connect them with their audiences.


Our roster of local and international clients from diverse industries — and the many years we’ve worked with them — reflects not only our capabilities but also the trust we’ve built with these our partners.


Some of the clients we’ve worked with the longest are from the technology industry. With our strong foundation in IT PR, we know what the tech-savvy audience wants, and it’s more than just knowing which terms to use.

Consumer electronics


In a crowded market with big players, innovators thrive. We insert our clients’ brands into the fleeting moments of discussions and engage audiences where and when they want to be engaged.

construction & real estate

Resiliency is the DNA of the construction and real estate industry. We help clients navigate this road with our decades-long experience, flexibility to the ever-evolving times and market-driven approach to communication.

transportation & Energy

Moving people is defined by the many interesting stories and people one meets along the way. We strive to tell these stories to the world by creating narratives, campaigns and events that move your audiences.

home appliances

The market is continuously shifting along with lifestyle changes, evolving trends and end-user preferences. Our communication-driven strategy is as flexible, something that is vital in a crowded and demanding marketplace.

organizations & institutions

There’s more to publicity than pushing a product or service. We cement our client’s reputation with campaigns that create ripples so that stakeholders understand, believe in the ideas and buy into the vision.

Fashion, Travel, Hospitality & Lifestyle

Knowing that trend winds can blow in the opposite direction any time, we go fast and wide with our engagements, especially in industries that are very dynamic. Digital is on the ascendancy but traditional media still holds influence so we work with both.

logistics, hr, Education & Other services

Sometimes, stories can take a life of their own, taking people to places they’ve never been and offering new possibilities. In today’s age of anytime, anywhere living, the brands that gain traction mirror the times but also open up new worlds.

Health & Fitness

With the pandemic renewing everyone’s focus on health and fitness, we work with brands to enable them to broaden access to products and services that meet people’s needs. But it’s not only about products and services — building trust amid the uncertainties is key to making an impact.

Banking & Fintech

Close up of mobile payment in a shop.

On-the-go banking and transactions have become the norm, and relentless innovations will continue to make safer, easier financial decisions and actions possible for more users. We work with pioneers and movers in this front, witnessing the industry transform for the better.

How can we work together?

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