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Paws and Play on Spotify: Meet the Pets of Five Pinoy Artists

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On National Pet Day, Spotify celebrated Pinoy artists and their adorable pets by featuring them on the covers of Spotify’s top local playlists, including Hot Hits Philippines and Tatak Pinoy. Listeners also got a personal peek into the “besties” having an adorable time together through exclusive snippets on Spotify’s playlist Stories.

Spotify’s featured playlists highlight the best of the local music scene across various genres, including P-Pop and Hip Hop. As for artists like Adie, G22 Nik Makino, Noah Alejandre and SB19, tracks are extra meaningful this month as they acknowledge how their fur friends inspire them as artists. Check them out!

Adie on the cover of Spotify’s Hot Hits Philippines

Hitmaker Adie fronts the Hot Hits playlist, which showcases his latest release “G.K.Y.A.M.” The singer-songwriter owns a British Shorthair cat named Fez, who is obsessed with belly rubs and snuggles. But aside from being a sweet feline, Fez is Adie’s source of good energy.

“Honestly, Fez is a distraction when I write, record or arrange music because of how adorable he is! Even so, he is one of the main drivers for me to continue creating good music,” shares Adie.

G22 on the cover of Spotify’s OPM Rising

Fast-rising girl group G22, who debuted last year with “Bang,” oozes with power in OPM Rising. All four girls each have their own fur babies they playfully called P22. Ozy, Jaz’s Poodle, has the potential to get featured in a music video. Did you know he/she can dance to the group’s hit track?

The other P22 members serve as the girls’ comfort and inspiration. Alfea’s Bullet Cat, Moji, is affectionate and can empathize with people, “Kapag kalmado ako, kalmado din siya. Kapag happy ako, he also feels the same. So whenever I’m sad, he’s also there being sad with me,” shares Alfea. As for AJ, her British Shorthair, Kira, soothes the soul. “Kira’s trait that makes me the happiest is whenever she comes close to me and starts purring — very relaxing siya for me,” recalls AJ.

Bianca’s Nugget loves joining her whenever she plays the guitar. Bianca also loves having the Shih Tzu around during songwriting sessions as she draws inspiration from her pet.

Nik Makino on the cover of Spotify’s KALYE Hip-Hop

On the front of the KALYE Hip-Hop is Nik Makino. The playlist features a few of his songs, including “MOON” in collaboration with fellow Hip-Hop artist, Flow G, on their journey to the top and their dedication to finding success in Rap. Behind Makino’s music triumphs is a ‘floofy’ golden-haired boy named Saver.

Madalas busy ako sa work, sa gigs, and in all things I do for rap, but Saver never fails to make me feel how much he loves me — even if we’re just doing our usual walks. He is the sweetest Golden Retriever!,” says Makino.

Noah Alejandre on the cover of Spotify’s Tatak Pinoy

On-the-rise singer-songwriter Noah Alejandre and his dog Nido are the faces for Tatak Pinoy, which carries Noah’s most streamed track, “Nahuhulog Na Sa’yo.” Similar to the lyrics of the song “Napapangiti mo ako kahit ‘la ka namang ginagawa,” Nido makes Noah happy just by being himself.

Nido can also be very attached to Noah, hence, him teasingly nicknaming the dog ‘Needy Nido’.

“He really loves cuddling with me. He also loves listening to my music and somehow inspires me to do more and create more.”

SB19 for P-Pop on the Rise

The boys of P-pop trailblazer group SB19, together with their tabby cats, have taken over the P-Pop on the Rise playlist, which features many of their hits including “MAPA” and “WYAT (Where You At)”. Ever since the group was thrust into the spotlight, the boys are pouring an incredible amount of hard work, effort and time into their craft, and their fur friends serve as a reminder that it’s okay to slow down and rest.

Pablo, who owns a cat named Ponky, shares, “Ponky for me is a blessing because I am a workaholic. So whenever I see Ponky, I realize that I have a life. I play with him and after that, it makes me feel more at ease making music.”

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