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Powered by Passion and Grit: The Toyota Hilux is Ready to Conquer Every Course

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When the going gets tough, you need a reliable companion to get through the challenge. The same is true for drivers and vehicle owners.

A car’s ability to deliver when it matters the most makes all the difference — be it on the rough terrains of an off-road adventure, on-the-grind for a business or even just for the demands of daily life. True to this idea, the Toyota Hilux, one of Toyota Motor Philippines’ most iconic vehicles and the country’s best-selling pickup, remains the quintessential heart and muscle vehicle that is ready for all of life’s challenges.

Whether on a smooth or rough road, at work or at play, the Toyota Hilux is the tried-and-tested pickup for any challenge or adventure. It has won the hearts of many not only because of its rugged appeal but also because of its dependability and performance even in the toughest conditions.

Hilux fans are offered a wide range of options to fit their needs and wants in a vehicle.

Strong performance, versatile for different needs

The Hilux exudes strength and versatility, perfect for the diverse and many demands of a business.

The Hilux Cargo, specifically designed for the more demanding needs of mobilizing goods and services, is a rear seatless, windowless and more affordable variant powered by the same 2GD engine.[1] It can be relied on for mobilizing agricultural products and as a road partner for utilities, transportation and logistics requirements.

The Hilux is also a strong workhorse, suitable for the varying demands of a business vehicle.

Aside from the Conquest, G and E grades, TMP continues to offer the Hilux J in 4X4 and 4X2, Cab and Chassis, and FX for its fleet and business partners. Rain or shine, the Hilux aids businesses with power and productivity without compromising user safety and comfort.

Mobilizing and spreading hope

More than just a car, the Toyota Hilux is a symbol and vessel of hope for many amid times of uncertainty. The Toyota Hilux is often the vehicle of choice for humanitarian efforts here and abroad.

Toyota Motor Philippines donated a Hilux to the Conservation International (CI) Philippines in 2018 for conservation projects in the Verde Island Passage, one of the richest marine biodiversity in the world. The Hilux was used to aid volunteers in the coastal cleanup and mangrove-planting along the coast of Lian, Batangas and to support the entire marine biodiversity conservation project.

In 2019, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) donated 180 units of the Toyota Hilux to the Philippine Coast Guard (PGC). The PGC Special Operations Force and rescue response team uses the fleet of Toyota Hilux to access flood-prone areas and provide assistance to communities during calamities.[2]

The trust in the Toyota Hilux is also mirrored in various countries across the globe. In 2019, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) donated 20 Hilux vehicles to the Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC) to transport desperately needed humanitarian aid for the Yemenis. The Hilux, along with the Toyota Land Cruiser, was also among the vehicles used by the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) in Liberia for the enhancement of the agency’s mobility in mitigating disasters and disaster-related issues.[4]

Quality, durability and reliability in every inch

A vehicle’s design or appearance and overall efficiency are among the foremost factors considered by buyers when choosing a personal car.

The Hilux’s engine delivers premium performance by providing optimum power to conquer various road conditions and even scale mountains. The latest generation of Hilux models offer greater fuel efficiency for much longer and tougher rides.

The Hilux is also built to take on the most extreme off-road conditions while maintaining its on-road poise. From the Intelligent Manual Transmission for the Conquest 4X4 MT that ensures a smooth gear shift to the Cruise Control for all Conquest variants that helps maintain speed and distance with ease, the Hilux is ready to take its owner on any terrain, sans the strain.

To ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers, the Toyota Hilux packs the most advanced safety and security features across its variants. The ABS+EBD+Brake Assist system and Hill-Start Assist Control give the driver more control. Features such as reverse camera, clearance sonar and back up sonar for all Conquest variants, and seven SRS airbags, Downhill Assist Control and Vehicle Stability Control for the Hilux Conquest 4X4 enable any Hilux driver to conquer every challenge on the road with ease.

The Toyota Hilux comes in a full range of variants to enable customers — whether first-time buyers or those upgrading to their next Hilux — to select the vehicle that suits their needs and preference. Buyers can choose from the 4X4 Conquest and 4X2 Conquest variants as well as the G AT and MT, and E MT models.

Hilux owners can upgrade and personalize their vehicle with rugged accents and functional items from Toyota Genuine Accessories. From overfenders, front underun and sports bar to digital recorders, wireless chargers and even an in-car emergency kit, TMP has made the Hilux even more customizable to make each vehicle the best reflection of its owner.

With new and innovative features complementing the classic Toyota quality build, the Hilux remains the pickup trusted by many generations.

The Hilux combines top-notch quality with competitive pricing to offer users value for money. But more than this, TMP aspires to continue contributing to nation-building, humanitarian efforts and more inspiring endeavors for the community by offering reliability and durability on every road and every challenge through the Toyota Hilux.

Follow TMP’s official pages — Toyota Motor Philippines on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter (ToyotaMotorPH), and Viber (Toyota PH) — for regular updates on products and services, dealer operations, announcements and events. For more information on the Hilux, check out Check out your preferred Toyota model and inquire online at Download the myTOYOTA app for Android and iOS to check the entire product and service range and access various tools for Toyota owners.

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