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No matter how technology has changed the way people communicate, PR still is—and always will be—about  relationships.

Integrated Public Relations

We are 23 going 24 years because we have always kept our eyes on the ball. Simply put, we build relationships. We use and integrate various Public Relations tools. The mix may include all or some advertising, marketing promotions, media relations, events, direct marketing and social media. This mix builds two-way communications between our clients and their stakeholders. Communication that is permitted, expected and useful.

Stakeholder engagement

We recognize that while technology offers many channels for influencing markets, it does not provide the discernment needed to choose the ones that matter. Neither does technology create the message that turns a reader, viewer, listener or participant into a loyal customer, nor differentiate the crucial driving forces behind customer responses in one province, region or country from another.

Message-driven Campaigns

We help you craft your message, get the right platform, and connect with your audience. Don’t be distracted by the bells and whistles technology may add to your marketing activities; your key message should be the main attraction. Your audience should never lose sight of your message whether via news, direct mailer, seminar or through a spokesperson. It’s all about being strategic.

We are Ardent Communications, the top PR agency in the Philippines, providing the expertise to raise any organization’s visibility within its industry.

We focus your resources where it brings the most benefits.

As a client-focused agency, we are seeing that there are problems that can’t be solved by one tool only. You have to throw more than one ingredients into the mix for full effect.

As an agency with PR as its heart, we are first of all strategic, creative second.

Your objectives dictate our strategy. Whether your requirement can be met by one service or the integration of several services, the driving factor for the final choice is cost efficiency. We give you the flexibility to focus or refocus your resources where it will bring you the most benefits through any one, several or all of the services in our practice areas.

Ana PIsta

"What's in it for me? Answer this for every client, every reader and every media. Your campaigns will never go wrong.”

Jasmin Cagsawa
Managing Director

"Underpromise and overdeliver. Start slow. Finish strong.”

Len Tayco
Communications Director

"Your story is a package that neatly peels open to reveal the message that all will remember.”

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