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Returning to the Workplace: Safeguarding Communal Areas Against COVID-19 a Prime Employer Concern

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The easing of the alert level in the National Capital Region and other provinces is expected to encourage mobility and commerce and stimulate business, especially for small enterprises like MSMEs.

As the number of cases continues to go down, companies are exploring hybrid work combining  in-office and remote reporting. About 34 percent of respondents in the Q3 Metro Manila property market briefing of consulting firm Colliers said they are expecting at least half of their workforce to return to their offices starting 2022 while 31 percent are looking forward to having all of their employees report on-site fully.[1] Industry experts forecast that mobility-friendly protocols, ramped-up vaccination, increased confidence in business, and pandemic-ready office amenities and guidelines will be the ones luring white-collar employees back to the concrete jungle this year.

The corporate industry is ready to meet the new safety demands of today as shown in the 2020 Restoring Stability Survey by Willis Towers Watson, which reported that 64 percent of employers will have major improvement plans and programs on employee safety in the new normal setup. Indeed, pandemic-proofing tops office priorities this year, particularly for the communal areas.

“Several studies here and abroad have shown the inevitable — people are going back to their offices, be it fully or partially. As we further understand the pros and cons of various work setups, we must ensure that our employees are safe and well throughout the process. We must improve the pandemic-proofing of our office spaces, especially communal areas such as lobbies and pantries. This is what we at Waterlogic aim to contribute to through our high-grade purifying technology, the Aqua SmartGuard,” shares Windy Goffe-Gomez, Aqua SmartGuard Philippines chief operating officer.

Technology in aid of safe office return

Communal areas in offices such as lobbies, break rooms and pantries must be equipped with technology that makes them virus-free from air filters to contactless dispensers. Complementing this roster of safety innovations is the Aqua SmartGuard purification cube.

With its advanced water purification system that uses a cutting-edge, proprietary purification technology to filter water, the Aqua SmartGuard is simply a must-have for office spaces welcoming employees back. It is equipped with Waterlogic’s patented FirewallTM UVC technology, which purifies water with precisely targeted UVC light. This top-tier water purification system guarantees that every glass of water is 99.9999 percent bacteria-free, 99.99 percent virus-free, 99.9 percent cyst-free, and is also proven 99.999 percent effective against COVID-19. Aside from its stringent microbe and contaminant-eradicating process, the Aqua SmartGuard’s carbon filters are able to keep essential minerals that maintain the water’s potability and health benefits.

To eliminate the risks of spreading germs, viruses and bacteria with water purifiers being a high-touch surface, the Aqua SmartGuard has a special protective layer, the BioCote antimicrobial surface protection, that uses silver ion technology to keep microbial cells from growing on the cube’s external surfaces. It significantly decreases the presence of microbes on the machine and reduces up to 99.5 percent of bacteria.

The Aqua SmartGuard, despite its many industry-leading features, comes in a compact size, benefitting companies with smaller office spaces. The cherry on top is its sleek visual appeal and contemporary design.

“We at Waterlogic believe that water is a natural resource that must be enjoyed by everyone without any worries of contracting diseases. As we remain bullish on the economic recovery of the country, we hope to be part of every company’s adaptation to the new normal of office safety,” adds Goffe-Gomez.

The Aqua SmartGuard by Waterlogic is the recipient of multiple certifications and accreditations worldwide, including those from international health organizations such as the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). It has also successfully met the ISO 9001 and Energy Star standards, cementing its claim of top-notch hydro-purification.

Aqua SmartGuard offers Total Care Service for unit installation, regular replacement of filters and UVC lamps, and maintenance, all included in the accessible monthly price of Php1,490. Interested partners may visit for more details.


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