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Smoke-free kitchen and hearty meals for a healthy home

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From birthday parties to holiday meals or even just a special dinner or weekend get-together, food is at the center of every Filipino family’s celebration. With having guests over being no foreign concept to Filipino families, with relatives and friends staying for the weekend or simply dropping by for a visit, every meal can indeed be a celebration of sorts.  

OHome, a new brand of home and kitchen products, provides the right kitchen equipment and tools to help make cooking a breeze while ensuring the home remains a clean and healthy space for the whole family. With its well-curated line of products, OHome hopes to be each Filipino family’s partner in the journey toward a healthier home and lifestyle.

The OHome O-Range 360 Exhaust-integrated Gas Range is designed to meet all of the family’s cooking needs from preparing simple meals to enjoy over dinner or turning out more special dishes for a bigger celebration. This all-around gas range packs multiple features to deliver the ultimate cooking experience while ensuring a safe and inviting environment for the home.

Keep the home safe from harmful kitchen fumes

One of the challenges of cooking, particularly in enclosed spaces, is the accumulation of fumes that not only cause unpleasant smells but also create an unhealthy indoor atmosphere. The high-temperature cooking of proteins, fat and carbohydrates can generate toxic fumes that can harm the respiratory system or, worse, contain carcinogenic compounds. Frying creates aerosols containing fatty acids that may cause pneumonia.[1]

The O-Range 360 is designed to ensure indoor air remains healthy and safe for the whole family despite heavy cooking. The product comes with a built-in exhaust hood that absorbs up to 99 percent of cooking oil fumes, effectively eliminating dangerous pollutants and purifying the air. Besides the air pollutants, the integrated exhaust hood rids the home of cooking odors to retain a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Faster cooking that retains food nutrients

Food preparation and actual cooking can take up so much time. It is even more time-consuming if done for a feast or a party requiring several dishes, some of which may be complicated.  

The O-Range 360 features two burners, each with 4.2 kW of high heat that is higher than any other brand today. This cuts cooking time to let parents have more time to bond with the kids or for family and guests to share more stories and memorable moments.  

With the faster cooking time, the O-Range 360 ensures each dish is nutritious and delicious enough to serve family and loved ones. The minimal exposure to heat helps the food retain vitamins and natural antioxidants[2] while high-temperature cooking such as searing intensifies the flavors of meat and fish to create scrumptious dishes. With the O-Range 360, cooked meat is juicy and tasty, and vegetables are tender yet crispy

Compact yet holistic design

Even with its integrated exhaust system, the O-Range 360 is compact enough for use in small spaces, in particular condominiums. It is easy to install and features a sleek, modern look that will fit any home interiors.

The O-Range 360 comes in three variants to suit different cooking needs. One model combines a steam oven, enabling busy moms to cook, bake, roast and steam with just one kitchen equipment.

The O-Range 360 may also come with a heating cabinet or a sterilizer cabinet. The former helps prevent bacteria and microorganisms from contaminating dishes and pans through wet nesting, or the stacking of recently washed items that prevents proper drying[3]. The heating cabinet helps ensure a simple and proper way of handling  dishware.

The model with a sterilizer cabinet uses ultraviolet technology for a more thorough sanitation of kitchen and dining tools and equipment.

Product availability

The OHome O-Range 360 Gas Range variants are available on Lazada, Shopee and at OHome’s Makati showroom.

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About OHome

OHome is a line of multifunction home and kitchen appliances that incorporates features that enable Filipinos to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. A brand under the Lifestyle Division of Multi-Mach International Inc., OHome is committed to bringing only the best-value, innovative products that combine multifunctionality, design, reliability, and health and wellness, redefining the standard of home and kitchen products for the Filipino family.

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