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Using Eco-friendly and Safe Building Products for a Green and Healthy Home

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Manila, Philippines. Apr 21, 2015 — Building a green home doesn’t mean sacrificing the budget, design, comfort, or durability. By using materials like the HardieFlex® fiber cement boards from James Hardie — homeowners gain sustainability, cost-efficiency and safeguard for the health of their family.

James Hardie building materials are low in VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and contain no asbestos which are substances that can harm humans and the environment. HardieFlex® fiber cement boards are made from unbleached pine wood pulp from sustainable plantation timber, ordinary Portland cement, sand, water and small amounts of additives. Moreover, when properly installed and maintained, HardieFlex® boards create thermally comfortable and energy efficient homes.

Because HardieFlex® building materials are combined wood pulp, cement and sand, they are resistant to fire, termite, moisture, impact, and rotting. Simply put, HardieFlex® fiber cement boards will last a long time, and incur lower replacement, maintenance and repair dues.

With a product for different parts of the house — HardieFlex Walls, HardieFlex Wet Area Solution, HardieFlex Senepa, HardieFlex Eaves, HardiePlank Siding, HardieFlex Ceilings, and HardieFlex Flooring — these mean more savings in the in the long run. Additionally, James Hardie offers a 10-year product warranty in all of its products as well as technical and customer support assistance with nationwide availability.

It’s time for home owners to consider going green with James Hardie building materials that are environment-friendly, cost-efficient, energy-saving and most especially, safe for Filipino families.


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